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financial aid package

mibobsx3mibobsx3 Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
hi, so i got my financial aid package today and was wondering how much my family would have to take out on loans based on this. It also says my estimated need is $31,873.00 so does that mean I can subtract around ~$2k i need to get from loans?:
Conditional Cal Grant A



Conditional Pell Grant



Conditional UCSC Grant



Conditional Perkins Loan



Conditional Direct Loan



Federal Direct Unsubsidized Ln



Conditional Work-Study Option



Parent Loan Option-ApplyOnline



Aid Year Totals

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Replies to: financial aid package

  • DremaniacDremaniac Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
    UCSC will give the option for your parent to take out a loan of $3450. Perkins loan and "conditional direct loan" are SUBSIDIZED loans, meaning that you wont have to start paying it back until you get done with your degree. $4700 in subsidized loans from what it seems. Federal direct unsubsidized loan is an UNSUBSIDIZED loan, meaning you have to start paying it immediatly, even if your in school, which to your package is $2000.

    Parent loans: $3450
    Student subsidized: $4700
    Student UNsubsidized:$2000

    Im a little confused on your question but UCSC has its estimated cost of attendance at 34,000. But they usually overestimate it. It looks like they will offer you 34k in financial aid, about 21k being in grants (meaning its free money). So your parents wouldnt have to pay anything if you accept all those offers. However, if you could do without unsubsidized loans and parent loans i would recommend it. Ask how much your family is willing to contribute. Hope that answered everything?
  • mibobsx3mibobsx3 Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
    thanks for answering my questions! I was just wondering what the actual cost of attendance would be since it doesn't say anywhere. It just lists:

    If you submitted a FAFSA, the following is a calculation of your estimated financial need.

    Estimated Financial Aid Budget


    Expected Family Contribution


    Estimated Need


    Total Aid

  • magik510magik510 Posts: 38Registered User Junior Member
    Estimated 2012-13 Undergraduate Attendance Cost: ~$33,291 (On-Campus), ~29,463 (Off-Campus), $24,285 (Commuter). These are for California residents.
  • iamasporkiamaspork Posts: 46Registered User Junior Member
    How do you check your financial aid package?
  • GuyOfLAGuyOfLA Posts: 6Registered User New Member
    I got the same thing today but it didn't mention the Cal Grant A/B. I know I am eligible for the Cal Grant but it didn't show in the MYUCSC website. Although, I got a 11,431 "Conditional" UCSC grant. What's up with that?
  • mibobsx3mibobsx3 Posts: 54Registered User Junior Member
    ^woah you got a lot from ucsc! i wish i did too...idk about why you would not get cal grant if it says it was awarded to you on the cal grant website.
  • jnguyen471jnguyen471 Posts: 311Registered User Member
    i got 14.5k for grants from ucsc which covers tuition =(. So parents/me have to cover 30k for rooming and etc. poeeey have to get some loooaans out. is 66k for both parents over the financial aid limit? since it doesn't seem that much since after insurance and bill a month + housing for the family there isnt much to spare.
  • whitesockswhitesocks Posts: 17Registered User New Member
    I got the exact same thing as you! c:
  • PurpleHaze69PurpleHaze69 Posts: 34Registered User Junior Member
    What is the conditional UCSC grant?
  • jasonSkimjasonSkim Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    Why is it that UCSC offered me only $2,182 from their "Conditional UCSC Grant" while I see most others offered at least 5-6k and some even 10k+?? T_T

    Is it possible that I'm not being offered as much because I'm an LA native?
  • kmoran23kmoran23 Posts: 6Registered User New Member
    ^ I don't think it's because you're form LA. I am also from Los Angeles and I got the following:

    Conditional UCSC Grant :17,078.00
    Conditional UC Tuition Grant: 732.00
    Conditional Perkins Loan: 1,200.00
    Conditional Direct Loan: 3,500.00
    Federal Direct Unsubsidized Ln: 2,000.00
    Conditional Work-Study Option: 1,500.00
    Parent Loan Option: 8,013.00

    Also note that I didn't submit a calgrant on time due to medical issues that kept from doing it and the FAFSA on time, so I will be submitting an appeal, which I have been told I won't have a problem with due to the circumstances surrounding my issues.
  • jasonSkimjasonSkim Posts: 95Registered User Junior Member
    ^WOW! Super jealous of the amount they're giving you. UCSC is giving you almost as much as I'm getting total from all of my grants (Cal Grant A, Pell Grant, UCSC Grant). My family is fairly low income too...my EFC is only at like $1,600.
  • kmoran23kmoran23 Posts: 6Registered User New Member
    You should contact the financial aid office to see what is up. I went to UCSB yesterday for their open house, and people brought up these sorts of issues yesterday at the financial aid office. Most people got some things worked out, so I don't see why you can't work things out with UCSC or ask for a better clarification of things.
  • DeLostDeLost Posts: 18Registered User New Member
    I believe that is the total amount of loans/grants that you can receive in one school year but not the total you need. Most likely the total will be ranging from 28-34k I am estimating thats why you accept/decline some offers.
  • GodintheFleshGodintheFlesh Posts: 32Registered User Junior Member
    jasonSkim, no, I don't think it's because you're LA native. I am too, and I am being offered $6,049. I think his UCSC grant is so high because of his lack of a CalGrant. CalGrant pays for tuition, and if he doesn't have that, and can't pay tuition alone, they've offered it to him.

    My personal EFC is nothing, which may explain my high amount of UCSC aid, as it's mostly based on financial stability, I believe.
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