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*Official EA Decisions & Stats Thread*

kgordonkgordon Posts: 159User Awaiting Email Confirmation Junior Member
edited December 2004 in University of Chicago
Since people started to write other stuff on the last one, this thread is for admissions decisions ONLY. Please only post DECISIONS here.

Also, please use the format provided to post your decision. (click on the following like for the format)


It should look like this when completed (this is not me, just an example):

[size=+1]Decision: [/size]

  • SAT: 1600
  • SAT IIs: 800x3
  • GPA:5.0
  • Rank:1
  • Other stats: 36 ACT
  • Essays:Excellent
  • Teacher Recs:Excellent
  • Counselor Rec:Excellent
  • Hook (if any):Cured cancer in 6th grade
  • State or Country:North Dakota
  • School Type:Public
  • Ethnicity: Sioux
  • Gender:Female
Other Factors:

General Comments:
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Replies to: *Official EA Decisions & Stats Thread*

  • blueiris3333blueiris3333 Posts: 27Registered User New Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Accepted [/size]

    • SAT: didn't take
    • SAT IIs: Writing 710, Math IC 730, Biology 780
    • GPA: 4.37
    • Rank: top 4%
    • Other stats: ACT: 33
    • Essays: Good
    • Teacher Recs: Good
    • Counselor Rec: Average I assume (counselor doesn't know me all that well)
    • Hook (if any): Nothing.. And I have TERRIBLE EC's
    • State or Country: Kansas
    • School Type: Public
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Gender: Female

    General Comments:

    My stats were sucky and I still got in.. so don't be discouraged people!
  • kdoskdos Posts: 331Registered User Member
    Decision: Accepted


    * SAT: 1580
    * SAT IIs: 800x3
    * GPA:4.1
    * Rank:20 (top 5%)
    * Other stats: 36 ACT
    * Essays:Excellent
    * Teacher Recs:Excellent
    * Counselor Rec:Excellent
    * Hook (if any): Wrote on my passion for my future field of study (not sure if it's a hook)
    * State or Country:Ohio
    * School Type:Public
    * Ethnicity:White
    * Gender:Male
    Other Factors:taking japanese immersion program at local college 10 hrs per quarter

    General Comments:want to go to U of C..hoping for scholarship..

    best of luck to you all!!
  • kgordonkgordon Posts: 159User Awaiting Email Confirmation Junior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Deferred [/size]

    • SAT: 1400
    • SAT IIs:740,740,740
    • GPA:3.7
    • Rank:na
    • Other stats:
    • Essays:good
    • Teacher Recs:great
    • Counselor Rec:excellent
    • Hook (if any):none
    • State or Country:california
    • School Type: Public
    • Ethnicity: white
    • Gender:male
    Other Factors:
    • I sent a supplementary essay, but I don't
      that it was received in time to be considered

    General Comments:
  • dot_commiedot_commie Posts: 96Registered User Junior Member
    [size=+1]Decision:ACCEPTED! [/size]

    • SAT: 1500
    • SAT IIs: 800 Writing, 800 US History, 780 Literature, 760 Math 2C
    • GPA: 4.36
    • Rank: 20-something out of 550. Top 10%
    • Other stats: AP BC Calculus - 5; AP US History - 5
    • Essays: I wasn't too proud of my long essay, but I'm pretty hard on myself and others liked it..apparently the admissions people did...
    • Teacher Recs: Glowing...I picked my teachers well.
    • Counselor Rec: Pretty good, I guess...
    • Hook (if any): sent supplemental stuff - research paper on Latin American instability, creative writing piece, CD of photography
    • State or Country: Cincinnati, Ohio
    • School Type: Public
    • Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
    • Gender: Female
    Other Factors:
    • started a chapter of Amnesty International at my school in 10th grade.
    • focused ECs...not a "serial clubber" and has a good amount of leadership positions

    General Comments: I want a scholarship soooo bad. I screamed when I read it, haha. And my SAT scores/class rank are lower than most of yours, so no worries!
  • indytuckerindytucker Posts: 482Registered User Member
    SAT: 1560
    SAT IIs:800, 710, 700
    GPA:3.7 uw, 4.8 w
    Other stats: AP scholar with distinction, Ib candidate
    Teacher Recs:"best in career"
    Counselor Rec:excellent
    Hook (if any):i'm really into philosophy and I got an interview with an ex-philosophy major
    State or Country:Indiana
    School Type: Public (best public school in state :P)
    Ethnicity: white
    Other Factors:
    people from my school that have gone to chicago have done pretty well....

    General Comments: I'm soooooo happy! I just sat down on the floor right where I opened it!
  • anijen21anijen21 Posts: 134Registered User Junior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Accepted [/size]

    • ACT: 35
    • SAT IIs: Even though Chicago doesn't require them: 730, 740, 800
    • GPA: 3.973 UW/ 4.073 W
    • Rank: Top 2%, 8/304
    • Other stats: 5 on AP Stats, 3 on AP Euro, National Merit Semi-finalist (so far) PS: Does anyone know how much aid Chicago offers to Finalists/Scholars?
    • Essays: I did the mustard essay, but it had nothing to do with mustard. It was about a contest at a state fair for the biggest heart, and I kind of wrote about how you have to be modest and humble and blah blah blah...it was my favorite essay, but it was kind of corny.
    • Teacher Recs: I think they were pretty good. I think they were about how I coped with someone close to me passing away last year, so, yeah.
    • Counselor Rec: I don't know, he likes me, but he's the school's football coach, so I don't know how eloquent he is.
    • Hook (if any): I'm editor-in-chief of my school's paper, exec board for our Key Club (the largest in WI), Freshman Mentor, I won an award for our state called Wisconsin Leader of the Year, got to attend TMOT...also involved in class council. Played one year varisty volleyball, two years club volleyball. Other ECs I can't think of.
    • State or Country: WI
    • School Type: Public, but competitive
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Gender: Female
    Other Factors: Um...I think I hit on all the big stuff.

    General Comments: After getting deferred from MIT and Caltech, this feels pretty good!
  • bettinabettina Posts: 1,236Registered User Senior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Accepted [/size]

    • SAT: 1490
    • SAT IIs: Lit 710, IIC 710, Writing 670 (bad day retake), Chem 680, waiting for IC
    • GPA: 3.75uw/4.0w
    • Rank: no rank, top 20%
    • Other stats: AP's - MEH, USH, Bio, Lit, Span, Calc BC
    • Essays: excellent (mustard)
    • Teacher Recs: didn't see but at lease 1 awesome
    • Counselor Rec: likely to be excellent
    • Hook (if any): Science fieldwork, lab work, research, publications
    • State or Country: Calif
    • School Type: private boarding
    • Ethnicity: cauc
    • Gender: female
    Other Factors: Excellent leadership, 2 varsity sports, extremely personable

    General Comments: DD lurks sometimes but does not post so, CONGRATULATIONS honey!!! Whoo Hooo! Chicago is a great fit!
  • franklinbrownfranklinbrown Posts: 514Registered User Member
    California residents have found out? I live in Oregon and still haven't recieved my letter. Tommorow hopefully.
  • legendofmaxlegendofmax Posts: 4,737Registered User Senior Member
    My friend Zach just got his and he owned it up
  • a123459a123459 Posts: 19Registered User New Member
    Decision: Accepted

    SAT: Took December 4, don't know yet
    GPA:4.0 UW
    Rank:1/60 (small school)
    Other stats: 35 ACT, National Merit Semi- and most likely Finalist
    Essays:Good, I'm a good writer and I thought my essay (on the Teleclone prompt) was well thought out and well written, but it wasn't anything especially novel or quirky.
    Teacher Recs:Excellent
    Counselor Rec:Excellent
    Hook (if any):My good looks, charm, and personality. Actually, I don't really know.
    State or Country:South Dakota
    School Type:Public
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    General Comments: Holding out for the big scholarship--if I can't pull that off, it unfortunately probably won't happen.
  • jpps1jpps1 Posts: 1,993. Senior Member
    Decision: DEFERRED
    SAT: 1420 (730v, 690m)
    GPA: ≈87%
    Rank: Unranked.
    ECs: Lots of writing stuff (freelance, school newspaper, literary journal) and some music stuff (bass, guitar, band night organizer).
    Essays: Overall, pretty good (I feel).
    Teacher Recs: Overall, pretty-to-very good.
    Counselor Rec: No idea, but tried to paint an optimistic picture of me.
    Hook: No idea.
    Country: Canada
    Ethnicity: White
    School: Private
    Gender: Male
  • shefboyrdishefboyrdi Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    Has anybody on the East Coast received anything????
  • ZachwithoutanaliasZachwithoutanalias Posts: 83Registered User Junior Member
    [size=+1]Decision: Accepted [/size]

    • SAT: 800v 700m
    • SAT IIs: 710w 700iic 620physics
    • GPA: 4.0 (unweighted)
    • Rank: 1/430
    • Other stats: IB Diploma candidate
    • Essays: Satirical mustard essay, egocentric other essay
    • Teacher Recs: Nice
    • Counselor Rec: Nice, if a little impersonal
    • Hook (if any): Artsy, LDV Debate (Philosophy background)
    • State or Country: Oregon
    • School Type: Public
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian
    • Gender: Male
    Other Factors:

    General Comments: Happiness!
  • dressagechickdressagechick Posts: 351Registered User Member
    waiting in New York
  • jpps1jpps1 Posts: 1,993. Senior Member
    I was e-mailed a decision, because as an international they wanted to make sure I got it before the end of the week.
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