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can i get into UCONN? =(

ex0ticex0tic Posts: 103Registered User Junior Member
edited October 2011 in University of Connecticut
Hi, I'm a junior just starting to look at schools! Since touring the Uconn campus i fell in love with it, and uconn is so far my #1 choice of school, but with my poor grades i doubt i'll get in. what do you think?

Single parent

9th grade: 3.0 GPA
10th grade: 3.0 GPA
11th: 2.7 GPA i know, very bad =[
12th: GPA going to be a lot a lot better
I take a lot of challenging classes with many honors and 3 AP classes throughtout my high school years.

SAT: taking it in april but i am guessing my score will be in the average range

Extracurricular activities:
1) I work at lot. 45+ hours a week for the past 3 years. that should be my main EC
2) I write for the school newspaper and was editor-in-chief one year =)
3) I am a senator in student goverment this year and will be secretary next year .... hopefully
4) Voluteer as JR. camp couselor for 2 weeks (60 hours)
5) Part of teen board at local library all high school years
6) Also i am starting to voluteer at the aquarium

Honor roll (lol)

I want to get into the UCONN summer program for teens but u need a minmum 3.0 GPA so =( boo.

so what do u think? do i have a shot at uconn????? and i am open to suggestions.
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Replies to: can i get into UCONN? =(

  • Omniscient1Omniscient1 Posts: 483- Member
    Unless you have a 1300 on your SAT's you will not get in....Go to a CC and pull goods grades and transfer after a year
  • HappywandererHappywanderer Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    Bull*****. You've got a decent chance. Do as good as you can. It's not Harvard and I don't think your grades are prohibitive athough I recomend you try to good on the SAT or ACT (I suggest this test if the SAT is not your thing). Write a good essay. If UConn's your first choice, let them know.
  • HappywandererHappywanderer Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    P.S. I'm from Stamford and I am a H.S. senior. For the last two years I've been taking classes at UConn Stamford. It's easier than high school if you're taking honors and AP classes and it can be cool expereince and very helpful for admissions at all schools to which you might want to apply. It's a bit late but if you want to take classes at UConn Stamford or Norwalk CC (get's you there faster! :) I recomend it. Nothing tells admissions how well you'll do at their school as how well you do at their school. If your interested let me know. I'll try to tell you who the good profs are.
  • ex0ticex0tic Posts: 103Registered User Junior Member
    awesome ^^

    theres hope yay =D
  • newsnmnewsnm Posts: 113Registered User Junior Member
    I got in with worse stats than you
  • kyle5000kyle5000 Posts: 200Registered User Junior Member
    you might not get into storrs but you would definitely get into a regional campus
  • ex0ticex0tic Posts: 103Registered User Junior Member
    i feel pretty hopeless =(
  • sanguine99sanguine99 Posts: 472Registered User Member
    They really look at GPA so that might put you at a disadvantage, but if you pull a 1300-1400 SAT it will probably eradicate it. A 1500+ SAT would basically be an auto-acceptance.
  • ex0ticex0tic Posts: 103Registered User Junior Member
    i see. i am definatly gonna have better grades next year and i am gonna work my off butt on the sat scores. 1300+ huh? what about the new sats.

    thanks you guys have been extremely helpful! =]
  • 0collegekid10collegekid1 Posts: 93Registered User Junior Member
    Absolutely have a chance - I had a 3.04 unweighted GPA and a 1240 SAT and got into UConn early action this year - my ECs were excellent, as was my essay and extra writing sample. I think that you should apply EA next fall, and send them more stuff than necessary so they understand more about you
  • originalgangsteroriginalgangster Posts: 2Registered User New Member
    Well ill tell you, I got a 1230 on sats and have a 3.1-3.2 unweighted GPA with a lot of AP's and the rest honors and I applied early action and got deffered. I have a lot of extra curriculars as well. I WAS ****ED, i figured i would get in but no. Its because im white.
  • eldoboyeldoboy Posts: 263Registered User Junior Member
    I'm finally glad to see someone on College Conf. that is not some kind of over achiever.
    And BTW, I think you have a nice chance, just do good on the SAT
  • chris2k5chris2k5 Posts: 896Registered User Member
    Your GPA is quite low but I think it is all up to how you do on the SAT's. Score at least a 1600/2400 on it and I think you have a 45% chance.

    Score 1700,1800, or above and you'll get in.
  • newsnmnewsnm Posts: 113Registered User Junior Member
    why are you guys still posting on this, he would have made his decision on this like three years ago haha. he should have gotten in though to end the discussion. i got in with a 2.7 and 1400 sats.
  • chris2k5chris2k5 Posts: 896Registered User Member
    1400/2400 SAT's? Are you in state?
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