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Full Rides?

Skiiz21Skiiz21 Posts: 138Registered User Junior Member
I heard that UIUC gives full rides to all Illinois residents who are National Merit SF... is this true? If not, what kind of students receive the full rides here? I'm interested in studying CS but I'm not sure about how much my family can pay, so a full ride would be very helpful. I have a 2390/36, 3.97 UW, and pretty decent EC's... would I expect a full ride or very good scholarship, and would I have to submit my application early or something like that to have a better shot at the scholarships?
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Replies to: Full Rides?

  • UncannyCrayonUncannyCrayon Posts: 212Registered User Junior Member
    Since you are a very strong applicant, this very well may not apply to you, but in general, UIUC is not generous with merit aid, giving only small awards.

    From U of I Admissions: Scholarships
    Provost Scholarship

    Requirements: National Achievement, National Hispanic Scholar finalists, or National Merit Finalists
    Amount: Full tuition
    Renewable: Yes – four years, provided the recipients maintain a 3.0 GPA
    Number: 30
  • packalldwypackalldwy Posts: 473Registered User Member
    I know someone who got a need-based full ride this past year.
  • itsme123itsme123 Posts: 1,108Registered User Senior Member
    skiiz, apply by Nov. 1. you'll get $$, may not be full-ride.
  • leapinlizardsleapinlizards Posts: 32Registered User Junior Member
    its tough to get $ at U of I. i was first in my class, 35 ACT, tons of extracurriculars and leadership, won a selective high school research internship with the dept of energy and had my sponser write me a letter of rec, made it into the campus honors program (the top 125 students out of 30,000 applicants), and yet the money still only trickled in. here's what i got:

    matthews scholarship - $2000 (renewable 4 yrs)
    outstanding mechE scholar - $9000 (renewable 4 yrs)
    chancellors scholarship (for the honors program) $500 one-time
    private scholarship (science award given by donor from high school) - $1000
    Nat'l Merit scholarship - $2500 (one-time)
    TOTAL: $15,000

    note: the total cost of U of I is estimated at $33,028.00

    long story short, if you're looking for merit money, U of I is unfortunately NOT the place to go. (It is a great school though, and I chose it for many other reasons!)
  • leapinlizardsleapinlizards Posts: 32Registered User Junior Member
    p.s. U of I scholarships virtually NEVER cover room and board or fees, so the total amount of merit money you can get per year pretty much maxes out around $15,900
  • H3ProtoH3Proto Posts: 57Registered User Junior Member
    I was Valedictorian, 40.0 GPA, 36 ACT and got a little over $20,000 /year from UIUC and some more from outside sources. Not exactly a full ride but it was better than any other school offered me.
  • itsme123itsme123 Posts: 1,108Registered User Senior Member
    ^ all because of your very very high gpa, i suppose!
  • CowartCowart Posts: 27Registered User New Member
    Apply early. There are only 30 spots for the Provost scholarship, and I think most of them fill up during Early Action(I believe the number of National Merit Finalists in IL is something like 600-700, and that's not even including Achievement or Hispanic)- the scholarship provides full tuition- not a full ride, so it should only cover about half your expenses.

    If you're going into Engineering, I know that there are a few tiers of scholarships that can help a lot, but they're not given away that freely. Luckily for you, they do seem to be based a bit more heavily on test scores than other scholarships, but I'm sure that there are other factors too, though I suppose you would get one of them. I don't know about other departments.

    U of I does give out full rides, but more so on a need basis. I personally know two people who apparently received full rides but I also have many friends who didn't receive anything- the salutatorian of my class barely even got anything but a handful of smaller scholarships.
  • henryxubhenryxub Posts: 30Registered User Junior Member
    I know a guy from St. Lious and he got some scholarships. Not sure about the money tho. I think he has 2300+ SAT and 3.9+ hs GPA.
  • mommylawmommylaw Posts: 242Registered User Junior Member
    My D got Provost (full tuition) scholarship. Note that the Provost scholarship only covers tuition for 4 years- not the mandatory annual fees of over $3300. (Not that I'm complaining, just clarifying)

    D also got some other smaller merit scholarships from UIUC. Her total merit from UIUC is around $21,000 / year
  • itsme123itsme123 Posts: 1,108Registered User Senior Member
    ^are you in-state. can you post your D's stats? is applying by nov.1 deadline sufficient or even earlier is needed? thanks.
  • mommylawmommylaw Posts: 242Registered User Junior Member
    D is in-state and a URM. 32 ACT and 3.7 GPA from selective public HS. She was also a Natl Achievement Finalist/Scholar (Semifinalist at the time of acceptance) Apply by priority date- no need to apply earlier
  • mockingjay451mockingjay451 Posts: 73Registered User Junior Member
    I apologize in advance for the incoherent reply - I'm typing this on my iPod and it's almost 2AM here.

    3rd in class, URM, 4.0 UW and 4.2 weighted, 34 ACT, and 2210 SAT. Heavily involved in music but no all-state performances, that sort of thing. Drum major, ran our school's first annual middle school math meet, founded our first math club, nothing too groundbreaking.

    I got: Engineering Premier Scholarship for $15k, University Achievement Scholarship for $12k, Franklin D. Secor Scholarship for $5k, a few smaller ECE ones, and a $10-12k tuition waiver from being an OOS Chancellor's Scholar, which amounts to... $56k total aid for this first year, most of the scholarships being renewable. I got really lucky =\
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