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NYU (Stern School of Business) vs. University of Michigan (Ross School of Business)

dairishsensationdairishsensation Posts: 3Registered User New Member
Hey guys,
Right now I'm having a hard time making my final decision between NYU and UMich. I am looking to be a business major in marketing/consulting, and maybe a double major with finance.

At NYU, I got into the Stern School of Business along with pre-admit into the World Studies Track.

At UMich, I got into the LSA Honors Program, but I would have to apply freshman year to get into Ross. Although that means I would have to work hard freshman year, LSA Honors students have a general trend of getting admitted into Ross.

I love New York and the City Campus feel of NYU, but I also like the traditional college town feel of UMich. If anyone has any input as to which business school would offer better opportunities or any advice whatsoever it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Replies to: NYU (Stern School of Business) vs. University of Michigan (Ross School of Business)

  • ProudWolverineProudWolverine Posts: 250Registered User Junior Member
    Michigan'll provide you with both a complete college experience and a world-class education. Ross is strong in both marketing and finance. Although NYU proximity to wall st is a plus for those majoring in finance, I think it's a much better business school on the graduate level than the undergrad level. Besides, the school spirit is much stronger in Michigan, and you'll also get the rah-rah big ten scene. It really depends on your preference, Ann Arbor is one of the finest college towns while NYC is a metropolitan city.
  • AlexandreAlexandre Posts: 23,212Super Moderator Senior Member
    Academically, Ross and Stern are peers, although Ross is more well rounded and probably more of a target school for Consulting and Marketing firms. Ross is ranked #3 in Finance, #2 in Marketing and #1 in Management and Stratefy. Stern is ranked #2 in Finance, $7 in Martketing and #9 in Management and Strategy. Ross' career office sees to it that its students have excellent internship placement. In terms of career placement, I would say Ross more than holds its own vs Stern.

    I would go for fit if I were you. If you cannot deside between two such opposite institutions, you really should think of a career that requires less decisiveness than business! hehe!
  • pleaseadvisepleaseadvise Posts: 417Registered User Member
    A. is right, it's a question of fit. A sure thing is hard to turn down, and lots of consulting takes place in NYC (and Boston). If you veer off into Finance, the proximity of Wall St. and Fortune 500 companies is compelling. On the other hand, UMich is a great college town, strong in business too. Really a matter of where you are comfortable and where you want to work after graduating.
  • bearcatsbearcats Posts: 4,354Registered User Senior Member
    one good thing about stern is, my friends all hold part time internships with wall street pe funds or boutiques during the school year... one thing that's going to take a toll on my life next year as I do my part time at a boutique in detroit next semester...(imagine driving 1 hour there 1 hour back every other day)....just for the extra work experience... a lot easier at stern I have to say
  • CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze Posts: 5,403Registered User Senior Member
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • HARRRRHARRRR Posts: 335Registered User Member
    Go for fit, though I'd do Stern (just because it's guaranteed admission, whereas there's the possibility you may not get into Ross).
  • umich2010umich2010 Posts: 203Registered User Junior Member
    i never understood why the ability to get school-year internships was seen as such a positive. The fact is that at ross, every good company recruits on campus. On campus, you are competing against your peers, as most companies have a set number of offers reserved for ross students. None of your peers will have school year internships either, and nobody will expect you to.

    At NYU, however, all of your peers will. You will be expected to do one to stay competitive, while at ross the only real expectation of you is that get wasted and go to football games so you can shoot the **** about football when it comes up in an interview (it always does).

    the thought of wasting much of my limited time at college doing menial tasks for little of no pay just to stay competitive doesnt sound all that appealing to me. you dont even learn anything from school year internships because nobody's going to give you anything of substance to do. school year internships are a terrible idea, in my opinion.
  • kb10kb10 Posts: 396Registered User Member
    this should not even be a question. Ross hands down. The only concern I have for you is that you may not get into Ross. Only goto NYU if you feel the absolute need to be certain that you are a business major, and that you need to work part-time during the school year.
  • NYerrNYerr Posts: 107Registered User Junior Member
    LSA Honors will not guarantee that you are admitted to Ross, but you have a good chance with solid grades and a strong resume. Many ross admits are from Honors. You can contact Ross to find out about the application process that you would do in the spring of freshman year and work towards that goal. Ross is a very solid school and the new building is very exciting. Ann Arbor is great, you would get the full college experience. Yes, I hear Stern is very solid b-school too. But if you are at all concerned about your chances, then take the sure thing.
  • Tsukasa36Tsukasa36 Posts: 63Registered User Junior Member
    I would also recommend Ross. If you were admitted to the honors program, you will almost certainly be accepted to Ross, and I think Ross is a better Undergrad institution than Stern. Also, Ross just got a brand new building that looks amazing.
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