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Sororities at UNC

bluesteel90bluesteel90 Posts: 27Registered User New Member
I am considering joining a sorority if I go to UNC next year. Could anyone give me a feel for the sorority system at UNC, like a description of the best/worst sororities and the type of people they usually attract.
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Replies to: Sororities at UNC

  • cloyingcloying Posts: 884Registered User Member
    Two of my really good friends are in sororities, one's in ADPi and one's in KD. Both of which are considered good sororities here that a lot of girls looking to get into the greek scene are into. I haven't met my KD friends' sisters yet so I can't give you a referral, but I think she really likes it and has made good friends there. My friend in ADPi adores the girls in her sorority, and I've gone to two of her events with her and thought the ADPi girls are really fun (and funny!). That's all I can help you out with, though, sorry!
  • annnannn Posts: 556Registered User Member
    I'm in a sorority :) The greek system at UNC is pretty laidback and not super hardcore like at other universities... I don't feel comfortable posting the reps of the sororities publicly, so is it okay if I just PM you instead?
  • bluesteel90bluesteel90 Posts: 27Registered User New Member
    yeah that would be great!
  • heathergeeheathergee Posts: 473Registered User Member
    I have a friend in Alpha Chi Omega and her as well as all her sisters I've met are awesome, really friendly and funny girls. It takes up a TON of your time at the beginning of the semester, but it gets more laidback and doesn't completely consume your life. I play lacrosse with a few girls in sororities and they all have time for other social stuff.
  • stayyclassystayyclassy Posts: 25Registered User New Member
    annn, i was wondering the same thing. Can you PM me as well? Thanks
  • carly61590carly61590 Posts: 7Registered User New Member
    me too! haha if you don't mind
  • Brown Eyed GirlBrown Eyed Girl Posts: 30Registered User Junior Member
    if you have a chance to PM me some info as well id really appreciate it! thanks in advance!
  • GetOuttaBuffaloGetOuttaBuffalo Posts: 850Registered User Member
    Ha I won't be shy about it cuz I'm not in one, but almost all my friends are. Most of my friends are ADPi and are adorable and I love them. The alpha chis I've met are also sweethearts! Zetas are really fun, but seem to be very exclusive, and I don't know much about the other two main ones-- Tri-Delt and Tri-Sig. Oh, and KDs are sweeties too! It's hard to stereotype them all I guess... go and rush and see what ya like. Rush was too intense for me time-wise so I dropped out before it even began and I've been fine as far as having friends goes. :-P Don't feel you have to be Greek at UNC, but if you can afford it, both time and money wise, I say go for it.
  • heathergeeheathergee Posts: 473Registered User Member
    I know two Tri-Sigs and they're both really nice and cool.
  • peachgirldbpeachgirldb Posts: 23Registered User New Member
    If you do decide to rush, don't make up your mind beforehand based on reputations and rumors, and just go with what feels right. :) UNC also has some fabulous black and cultural sororities as well if anyone's looking for a slightly different experience.
  • ilovecapeziosilovecapezios Posts: 144Registered User Junior Member
    Are you ostracized if you join a sorority and then decide to leave it?
  • cloyingcloying Posts: 884Registered User Member
    No, actually. My good friend was pledging Alpha Chi and just decided that sorority life wasn't for her. She left it and her ex-to-be-sisters still are really friendly to her, she said, because I had wondered the same thing. It wasn't a big deal for her to leave.
  • cheerio1603cheerio1603 Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    I was just wondering if it was unusual at UNC for sophomores to rush during the fall. At the beginning of the year I came in very skeptical about sororities but after meeting some of the girls I have changed my mind...any comments about sophomores rushing?
  • leah377leah377 Posts: 3,834Registered User Senior Member
    i have a friend who rushed in the fall of her sophomore year & pledged phi mu--she already had friends in the sorority, though, which helps. she said that she'd tell some girls at rush that she was a sophomore and they'd be super unreceptive afterward, but if you meet girls like that you wouldn't want to join their sorority anyway!
  • annnannn Posts: 556Registered User Member
    Plenty of sophomores rush, but let me warn you- it is probably 10x harder to rush as a sophomore not only because of GPA cuts (a few sororities require at least a 3.25 I believe or you will be cut 1st around) but because most sororities only take a few sophomores, and they usually end up being girls who are very close friends with sisters. Chapters in general would rather have pledge classes with mostly freshman since sophomores that do get bids are essentially added to the pledge class from the year before, if that makes sense. As with all things, you should definitely try but even with knowing girls in the sororities, with recommendations, and with a decent GPA it is still fairly tough. Good Luck!
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