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Reps of Different Sororities at Penn

aabbccddeeaabbccddee Posts: 1Registered User New Member
edited January 2014 in University of Pennsylvania
Hey could any current Penn students describe the reputations of the various sororities at Penn? Thanks!
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Replies to: Reps of Different Sororities at Penn

  • chocomanchocoman Posts: 2,293Registered User Senior Member
    I'm not in the Greek system so I don't have an insiders knowledge, but here's what I know:

    Delta Delta Delta - The ho's. Orange skin, ugg boots and a tru****nd are required.

    Sigma Delta Tau - Nice girls, mostly (all but 2 people) Jewish, pretty involved around campus, some might call them "Jappy" but I wouldn't say so.

    Chi Omega - smart, fun and nice girls - what more could you ask for?

    Alpha Chi Omega - also fun and nice. I believe this one has a lot of athletes.

    Sigma Kappa - I believe these girls are known as the Tri-Delt rejects by some members of campus, but in my experience they have been very well-rounded and intelligent, albeit ditzy at times.

    Kappa Alpha Theta - I don't know anybody in this one, and don't really hear much about them.

    Phi Sigma Sigma - I think this is the one nobody hears about and has some... how do I put in gently... undesirable girls, from a male's standpoint.
  • adf8adf8 Posts: 417Registered User Member
    Can someone else do this too?
  • awan0126awan0126 Posts: 109Registered User Junior Member
    I'm curious too. Bump.
  • mengcheng9287mengcheng9287 Posts: 1,018Registered User Member
    choco's right on. i would say kappa alpha theta is known for being like tri delt but maybe a little bit higher, depending on what fraternity you are in. lol.

    most of the more richer more selective have a connotation of some cocaine use. however that may generally be explained better by their socioeconomic status
  • legendofmaxlegendofmax Posts: 4,737Registered User Senior Member
    The Chi Omega girls are awesome
  • tenebrousfiretenebrousfire Posts: 2,531Registered User Senior Member
    i'd never even heard of kappa alpha theta until this thread, haha...
  • mengcheng9287mengcheng9287 Posts: 1,018Registered User Member
    time to come out of the closet tenebrous
  • like a virginlike a virgin Posts: 34Registered User Junior Member
    it's more commonly referred to as theta
  • steppin upsteppin up Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    The Top 3
    Delta Delta Delta (Tridelt)
    Alpha Chi Omega (AXO)
    Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta)

    The Middle 3
    Sigma Delta Tau (SDT)
    Sigma Kappa
    Alpha Phi (APhi)

    The Bottom 2
    Chi Omega (XO)
    Phi Sigma Sigma (Phi Sig)


    Tridelt: Blonde or otherwise very "hot", big partiers, rich, very well known. Has been at the top for quite some time. Generally if you're in Tridelt, you're the college equivalent of the high school cheerleader.

    AXO: The up and comer, I've heard predictions that it will be at the top in a few years. Ranked as the favorite sorority by freshman girls during fall open house. Attractive, partiers, fun, a bit less "girly" than Tridelt. Athletic in the past, not so much now. Isn't quite as established at the top as Theta and Tridelt.

    Theta: Notorious cokeheads, though this is really more legend than reality, but big coke presence all the same. Very affluent girls, one usually wears high fashion. Sort of like the hot, bad, mysterious girls. Probably the most snobby.

    SDT: Jappy jappy jappy. Lots of the stereotypical jappy clothing/accessories: Louis, David Yurman, Juicy, Burberry, True Religions, emphasis on showing wealth rather than being elegant about it. Fun girls, has the advantage of being the only Jewish sorority when Penn has many Jewish fraternities which equals lots of mixers. I'm pretty sure everyone in SDT is Jewish because of the pressure they face from their national HQ on accepting Jewish girls.

    Sigma Kappa: Pretty but plain. All very nice girls, no one has strong enough of a personality to be a big disturbance. Known as the Tridelt rejects. Very new sorority, also up and coming. Has mixers with some good frats.

    Alpha Phi: Also pretty but plain. The girls here are REALLY NICE, like the girls in your high school who are always genuinely nice and happy and smiling. It's sort of weird. And pretty boring. Strong national network.

    Chi Omega: Non descript, said to be nice girls, learning towards the unattractive.

    Phi Sigma Sigma: Phi Piggy Piggy. Fat and unattractive girls. I'm sure they're nice. Seems like a good sisterhood, like a sorority filled with girls who are genuinely interested in sisterhood as opposed to status and partying in their sorority.

    The Tabard Society: Some of the wealthiest girls at Penn, not very attractive anymore, very shady. Mostly LA/NYC/international girls. One black girl, a few South Americans, no Hispanics or Asians. Known for ridiculous hazing and self-importance. Predictions are that Tabard will be dead in a few years unless something drastic happens, because girls have realized that they don't want to do crazy hazing **** to hang out with ugly snobby girls. Getting uglier year by year.
  • darvitdarvit Posts: 106Registered User Junior Member
    Are there any sororities that have a fair number of non-white girls (other than the specifically multicultural ones)? Or at least enough where it's somewhat proportional to the distribution of different races at Penn. If that made sense.
  • broetchenbroetchen Posts: 1,130Registered User Member
    Do any of these sororities have actual houses on campus?
  • chocomanchocoman Posts: 2,293Registered User Senior Member
    yeah they all have houses. They can't throw parties though. Usually frats will host their parties.

    I completely disagree with steppin ups rankings, but his Phi Sigma Sigmma is right. Seems they signed up only to make that post.

    I forgot Alpha Phi. Oops.
  • steppin upsteppin up Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    I am an active member and very involved in the Greek community at Penn, and I wholeheartedly believe my rankings and descriptions are correct. Having spent many a mixer and other events with these chapters, I gave my opinion to the individual who asked the question. In terms of "prestige" and the qualities that would make a chapter "elite", I am close to certain that most individuals in the Greek scene would agree.
  • LlamaMamaLlamaMama Posts: 30Registered User Junior Member

    (1) which one is more popular/has the hotter girls--Alpha Chi Omega or Sigma Kappa?

    (2) Are the tri-delts all white?

    (3) What about the girls in delta sigma pi (the business one)

    ..oh and in answer to darvit's question, they do have ethnicity specific sororities. i know there are 2 asian ones and one for african americans, but there may be more.
  • steppin upsteppin up Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    Sigma Kappa has prettier girls, but AXO is more popular. Depending on what happens during spring recruitment, the attractiveness-factor may change, as AXO is very popular this year.

    No, there are a few "token" girls every year. I know for sure tridelt has one Korean girl. The vast majority are blonde (natural or not) girls.

    I have no idea what Delta Sigma Pi is.
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