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Recitation vs. Lecture

qwertyladqwertylad Posts: 149Registered User Junior Member
edited July 2009 in University of Pennsylvania
Hey guys, I was planning out my course schedule for next year, and I found something weird about a few of my courses.

Math 114 can be either Recitation or Lecture. Does anybody know the difference between them, or know why recitation requires one to attend so much less class?

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Replies to: Recitation vs. Lecture

  • BuffyAngel299BuffyAngel299 Posts: 109Registered User Junior Member
    You must sign up for both lecture and a recitation section. A recitation is a small group and is usually led by a TA. I don't know what the recitation for this class involves but usually they either go over class material, examples, or possibly even give quizzes.
  • SusieBraSusieBra Posts: 638Registered User Member
    Does your TA grade your exams?
  • coffeeicecreamcoffeeicecream Posts: 190Registered User Junior Member
    when and how do you sign up for classes?
  • CDN_dancerCDN_dancer Posts: 2,579Registered User Senior Member
    Yes, your TA will grade your exams, quizzes, and any assignments you may have.

    You'll receive information in the mail about class registration and the like.
  • citylights919citylights919 Posts: 99Registered User Junior Member
    So are exams and quizzes given during recitation or lecture or both? This definately is important if scheduling on a Friday am. Thanks.
  • tenebrousfiretenebrousfire Posts: 2,531Registered User Senior Member
    exams are usually given in class or during an exam period at night

    but if your class has weekly 5/10-minute quizzes, they'll be in recitations
  • drnoeyedeadrnoeyedea Posts: 466Registered User Member
    yeah math recitations are important since you take ur quizzes there. counts for a good % of grade
  • AwpedAwped Posts: 649Registered User Member
    Math recitations are where you learn everything because the math professors can't teach
  • yma123999yma123999 Posts: 9Registered User New Member
    When I looked at the course listing, there were loads and loads of recitation courses compared to lecture courses. Does it matter which recitation we sign up for due to lecture or instructor? Or do we just pick the one the with times that suit us most?
  • DSIDSI Posts: 280Registered User Junior Member
    Pick the time that suits you best for recitations.
  • SusieBraSusieBra Posts: 638Registered User Member
    How are LPS classes? I have the option of taking a CAS class twice a week or taking the same course as an LPS course on Monday nights. Are LPS courses generally easier? Thanks!
  • Anon_Person_1Anon_Person_1 Posts: 2,453Registered User Senior Member
    do we sign up for recitations before the credit course or after?
  • chriswchrisw Posts: 1,498Registered User Senior Member
    Recitations are in the system as the credit bearing section, so you must sign up for a recitation first and a lecture second. For math you must select a recitation within the group of your lecture. That is to ensure that all recitations will have students from only one professor as opposed to multiple professors.

    Math TAs are notorious for not speaking good English.

    LPS courses are designed for adult learners who are taking at most two courses per semester and have full time jobs. Unlike most intro courses, the LPS courses generally require attendance. If you ever have a conflict, including with another course, the LPS course takes precedence. I would recommend staying away from LPS courses if at all possible. The regular sections are usually better in terms of learning anyway. Also it is a pain in the neck to have a class from 6-9. You'll miss a lot of socializing, which is especially important for first semester freshmen. It's different for upperclassmen but freshmen really do need to get their social footing down, more than they think.
  • Anon_Person_1Anon_Person_1 Posts: 2,453Registered User Senior Member
    ^ I get that I should put the math recitation then the lecture. Though, say I'm taking Chem 101 with the associated lab and recitation. The actual course bears the 1 cu, the recitation is 0, and the lab is .5?? What should be my order?
  • SusieBraSusieBra Posts: 638Registered User Member
    Thanks for your response. The only thing is, if LPS courses are designed for adult learners who work full time, wouldn't they be easier?
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