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Required to take Math Subject Test for Wharton?

JessEllenJessEllen Posts: 158- Junior Member
edited August 2012 in University of Pennsylvania
Is it required to take either Math 1 or Math 2 if you are applying to Wharton?
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Replies to: Required to take Math Subject Test for Wharton?

  • EuroaznEuroazn Posts: 1,171- Senior Member
  • sfdesigirlsfdesigirl Posts: 219Registered User Junior Member
    Technically, you're not required to take a mathematics subject test but it is recommended that you do so. Most Wharton applicants(or at least the ones I know) take the Math II subject test.
  • JessEllenJessEllen Posts: 158- Junior Member
    ^^ yea thats what i thought. Thanks
  • blankkblankk Posts: 369Registered User Member
    Ughh well I think I know the answer but I'll ask anyways.. Sorry for bumping but didn't want to make another thread.

    Well I took AP Stats Soph year and got a 5 on the exam, Calc AB Jr. year got a 4 ( :( ). Taking calc B then C snr. year.

    My problem is that, while I'm interested in Wharton, I reeaaaaally don't want to spend time studying for the Math II subject test, especially because I plan on boosting my single sitting SAT score in October. I've already taken a few subject tests though:
    Fresh year: Math I 720 >_>
    Junior: Chem 800, USH 770

    So I guess I'm asking.. Should I stop whining and study up for the Math II SAT subj test? Or can I like... not and get away with it... Thanks to any that reply haha
  • powerbombpowerbomb Posts: 3,364Registered User Senior Member
    FWIW, I had a friend in Wharton who was taking math 103 his first semester which is basically like precalc...
  • blankkblankk Posts: 369Registered User Member
    Wow, did he have a hook? Cuz like whaaaaahahaha
  • FrankwFrankw Posts: 30Registered User Junior Member
    what if you decide to submit only your ACT w/ writing and no SAT scores at all?
  • blankkblankk Posts: 369Registered User Member
    The ACT is a completely foreign entity to me, but I'll bump this for you
  • psychedeliapsychedelia Posts: 84Registered User Junior Member
    @Frankw: I'm planning on submitting ACT w/ Writing as well. I'm also sending in two subject tests because they can only boost my chances.

    @blankk: I've heard Math II is like Calc AB at its hardest. It won't require too much extra studying.
  • WordworkerWordworker Posts: 869Registered User Member
    Penn requires you to send all scores for both SAT and ACT.
  • DrGoogleDrGoogle Posts: 11,047Registered User Senior Member
    Math subject test is not hard. There is no need to study. Just take it.
  • parentofpeopleparentofpeople Posts: 1,302Registered User Senior Member
    I have to wonder though, if you are not comfortable enough with math to take the subject test, Wharton might not be the best match for you anyway. Of course that is just my thoughts, not an official opinion at all.
  • disgradiusdisgradius Posts: 441Registered User Member
    I agree with above posters, math2c is not supposed to be worrying you. I'd also recommend you take some stats if you plan on going the finance side as some of the upper level courses are pretty stat heavy.
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