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Your High School's highest GPA...

cc411cc411 Posts: 1,724Registered User Senior Member
I found threads for this in other forums but I'm curious about those who applied to USC.

Ours is just over 4.4 and is based on a 4.0 scale for all CP and most honors classes. 5.0 scale is used only for:
Honors English 3
Language 4
Honors Pre-Calc
Honors Chem
All AP classes (16 available)
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Replies to: Your High School's highest GPA...

  • bluebeardbluebeard Posts: 637Registered User Member
    our highest gpa is just over 4.4, too
  • stressed0utstressed0ut Posts: 1,370Registered User Senior Member
    our highest is a 4.3, when a kid skipped lunch periods for 2 years to take an AP course
  • jayhawk303jayhawk303 Posts: 513- Member
    im confused stress0ut? he was a nerd and didnt eat lunch so he could take an ap course?
  • de la nochede la noche Posts: 246Registered User Junior Member
    ours is 4.0... i.e. Gym counts the same as AP calculus
  • hksanghahksangha Posts: 228Registered User Junior Member
    the highest you can attain is 5.0..but that's never been done..4.5 has been however achieved before.
  • cc411cc411 Posts: 1,724Registered User Senior Member
    How can you get a 5.0? Does that mean that you can take all classes worth 5 points, even freshman classes like Honors English 1, , all Languages, Honors Science classes, etc.?
  • flatxcaflatxca Posts: 312Registered User Member
    We get 6 for an AP, 5 for a Pre-AP and 4 for a levels class.
  • hksanghahksangha Posts: 228Registered User Junior Member
    lol no a 5.0 is impossible..
    AP classes = 5 pts
    honors and all other classes = 4 pts

    so in order to get a 5.0..each and everyone of ur classes would have to be an AP
  • moomooitzpaulmoomooitzpaul Posts: 129Registered User Junior Member
    we do it by a 6.0 scale too, our highest this year is a 5.7something weighted

    AP and honors get a 6.0
    then we have advance classes tat are 5.0

    they got rid of reg classes tat gets a 4.0 in our freshman year, so noone gets a 4.0 unless they make a C in an AP class of a B in an advance class
  • caliboi1313caliboi1313 Posts: 525Registered User Member
    i have a 4.86 where honors&AP are 5.0, all the rest are 4.0
  • Foil_Foil_ Posts: 190- Junior Member
    ^^^ Teh winnah! ^^^
  • pmcharkinspmcharkins Posts: 460Registered User Member
    this might sound crazy, but my friend from last year actually got a 5.0 for two grading periods, ended up with like 4.9 or so for the semester...he had 6 honors/AP's (worth 5) and religion (worth 4) and he got A+'s in a couple classes (5.33)...he ended up going to Harvard (he was also URM/Recruited athlete/2200 SAT)...and he was a nice guy
  • cc411cc411 Posts: 1,724Registered User Senior Member
    6.0 for AP's?! That's why we can't compare weighted GPA's!
  • x3cinx3cin Posts: 149Registered User Junior Member
    I finally get why schools send their grading system along w/ transcripts haha.
  • jouraynalismjouraynalism Posts: 326Registered User Member
    Past valedictorians have had 5.1111 or something like that. but the gpa system that determines our valedictorians follows some strange equation. so if they took extra AP's it counts for more or something.
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