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USC "quick take" questions

lJmYEAlJmYEA Posts: 245Registered User Junior Member
Now that USC applications have all been sent in-hopefully!- I'm curious as to what others put in their quick responses. Here's what I put as my 'favorite invention of all time':

"The Toynbee Convector--a time machine that never was."

(Ray Bradbury anyone?) <-- but I didn't put that :)

sooo what did you guys put?
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Replies to: USC "quick take" questions

  • cdr777cdr777 Posts: 211Registered User Junior Member
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Favorite Fictional Character: Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) was debating between him and Eric Cartman from South Park
    Greatest Invention: The Internet
    Role Model: Pete Carroll (Of course he has to leave USC the year I apply)
    Favorite Book: Couldn't really think of one specifically so Animal Farm by George Orwell
    Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
    Favorite Band: Blink-182
    Dream Job: NFL Head Coach
  • lifegrlifegr Posts: 1,147Registered User Senior Member
    favorite food: lousiana crawfish!
    favorite fictional character: huckleberry finn who is imperfect but sympathetic and humane
    greatest invention: clock
    role model: My best friend
    favorite book:summer of my german soldier
    favorite composer: frederic chopin
    dream job: dr.dolittle.
  • wisdomsomehowwisdomsomehow Posts: 635Registered User Member
    food: pasta
    character: Elizabeth Bennett
    invention: printing press
    role model: Gavin Creel
    book: Persuasion
    musical artist: Duncan Sheik
    Dream job: actor in Spring Awakening (a musical that I love)
  • trumpetcolortrumpetcolor Posts: 181Registered User Junior Member
    And I said I wouldn't say what I wrote...so much for that.

    Favorite Food: most kinds of pasta
    Favorite Fictional Character: Ron Weasley (I was going to say Hamlet, but I figured this one has been in my life longer)
    Greatest Invention: computers, the internet, or the trumpet (yeah, I wrote all three)
    Role Model: my teachers and parents (boring...there's a specific teacher who's influenced me the most and I wish I wrote just her)
    Favorite Book: Harry Potter series (if I'm going to embarrass myself in my interview with it, why not go with it and mention it here?)
    Favorite Movie: Titanic (it honestly is)
    Favorite Band: Yellowcard
    Dream Job: screenwriter/writer in general/[something else I forgot...author?]
  • EiffelEiffel Posts: 1,370Registered User Senior Member
    Three words: Inquisitive, creative, passionate
    Favorite Food: My mom's homemade mortadella sandwiches
    Favorite Fictional Character: Jack B; creating and crafting this character has brought me supreme joy. (Talked about him more in my essay, by the way. :p)
    Greatest Invention: Paper
    For fun: Write (scripts, stories, etc), create, be with my family, be outdoors.
    Role Model: My mother for her compassionate spirit; my brother for his creativity.
    Favorite Book: "Mike and Psmith" by P.G. Wodehouse
    Favorite Movie: Disney's "Robin Hood"
    Favorite Performer: Taylor Swift (:p)
    Dream Job: Screenwriter/television show runner
  • cdr777cdr777 Posts: 211Registered User Junior Member
    Just wondering Eiffel by Jack B. did you mean Jack Bauer from 24? By the way I love 24.
  • adambedfordadambedford Posts: 297Registered User Junior Member
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Favorite Fictional Character: Aleksandr Orlov of comparethemeerkat.com (Its a TV ad, but I think it only airs in England)
    Greatest Invention: Internet
    Role Model: My brother
    Favorite Book: John Grisham - The Firm
    Favorite Movie: Beverly Hills Cop
    Favorite Musician: Jay-Z
    Dream Job: Music Producer
  • EiffelEiffel Posts: 1,370Registered User Senior Member
    @Cdr, haha, no, but that's a funny observation; my Jack B (he has a full last name but I just don't want to post it here on the Internet; I posted it in the actual quick take though) is one of the lead characters of the TV series I created and have been writing for the past 6 years. Out of all the characters I've created in my writing (scripts, stories, etc), Jack is my favorite to write and the dearest to my heart. :)
  • JoisonfireJoisonfire Posts: 133Registered User Junior Member
    Favorite Food: Pasta Marinera
    Favorite Fictional Character: Pearl from the Scarlet Letter
    Greatest Invention: The paper clip... it's saved me sooo many times
    Role Model: Tyra Banks :p
    Favorite Book: Yes it's cliche but The Scarlet Letter
    Favorite Movie: Spirited Away
    Favorite Performer: Janis Joplin
    Dream Job: Medical Researcher
  • LightjaLightja Posts: 197Registered User Junior Member
    Describe yourself in three words: Intuitive, Helpful, Passionate
    Favorite food: Burger & Fries, In N' Out!
    Favorite fictional character: Indiana Jones
    Greatest invention of all time: The Internet
    What do you like to do for fun?: Invent for a purpose via computers or hang with friends (box is too short for this question lol.)
    Role model: John Cohn
    Favorite book: Angels & Demons
    Best movie of all time: District 9
    Favorite musical performer/band, or composer: 3 Doors Down, tough question
    Dream job: College professor of computer sciences at a top university
  • funnypunjabifunnypunjabi Posts: 3,708Registered User Senior Member
    Describe yourself in three words: diverse , full of life, and determined
    Favorite food: Orange chicken
    Favorite fictional character: spiderman
    Greatest invention of all time: Apple I Pod
    What do you like to do for fun?: BHangra
    Role model: Grandmother
    Favorite book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire
    Best movie of all time: Jab we met Indian movie
    Favorite musical performer/band, composer: T. I (the rapper)
    Dream job: CEO of a company
  • EiffelEiffel Posts: 1,370Registered User Senior Member
    ^Where do you usually get your orange chicken from? I'm in love with the orange chicken at Panda Express, personally. :)
  • funnypunjabifunnypunjabi Posts: 3,708Registered User Senior Member
    panda express's orange chicken is awesome! or stix or lotus garden!
  • EiffelEiffel Posts: 1,370Registered User Senior Member
    I haven't really tried it at Stix...perhaps I should! I usually get house chicken or sweet and sour chicken from Stix. Never tried Lotus Garden; we don't have that restaurant where I live. :(
  • funnypunjabifunnypunjabi Posts: 3,708Registered User Senior Member
    i havent eaten there either but heard it is good!
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