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just been waitlisted

everyoneishereeveryoneishere Posts: 23Registered User New Member
Sadly i have just been put on the waitlist, and the website says the final decision for waitlisted student will be available in May. So far I have got offers from three schools and their deadlines of confirming enrollment is May 1st. So I really don't know if I should still wait for UW's decision. UW is my first choice and if I got accepted, I would definitely go there. Anybody can help me? Thanks so much!
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Replies to: just been waitlisted

  • rentuk3927rentuk3927 Posts: 20Registered User New Member
    I read somewhere that thousands of people are put on the waitlist and in recent years only a few hundred have been accepted off of it. I am sorry that I don't remember where I saw that information...I would provide you with the link if I did.
    Everyone who does not get accepted after being postponed gets waitlisted so the numbers are really are high. Sadly, your chance of admission is not very likely. I'm sorry.
    My cousin was waitlisted and he will be attending another school because he knows the chances are very slim.
    I hope this helps.
  • DescarteszDescartesz Posts: 1,739Registered User Senior Member
    I am not sure what your dilemma is. Accept one of the offers you have and tell UW you wish to remain on the waitlist. If UW should call in May it is permissible to then decline your acceptance at the other school. Reversing an acceptance for a waitlist opportunity is considered an acceptable practice. This is why waitlists are seldom closed out before mid-summer.
  • everyoneishereeveryoneishere Posts: 23Registered User New Member
    Thank you so much for the info.!
  • DescarteszDescartesz Posts: 1,739Registered User Senior Member
    You might want to look into how to manage UW housing. If you did get accepted off the waitlist you'll probably want to know if there's a place in the dorms for you. Perhaps someone else can guide you on this.
  • barronsbarrons Posts: 24,227Registered User Senior Member
    That might be where the private dorms come in very handy.
  • judyjimjudyjim Posts: 157Registered User Junior Member
    rentuk3927- Not everyone who was postponed got waitlisted. We know several postponed who got rejected and not offered waitlist.

    For those waiting...I am told that they are not sure if they will turn to the waitlist this year. They did not do so last year but did in 2009. I would get settled on another school and if you get selected from the waitlist you can look into housing options etc. at that time. It is too hard to know what will be available but everyone I know who was accepted off waitlist in past years got dorm rooms. I think they were the private dorms. Best of luck to everyone. My son finally decided on Indiana U and seems very excited after his visit there. He was waitlisted from Madison with good stats and was heartbroken. I think it is still his first choice school but it is good to know he feels really excited about Indiana.
  • Tim2011Tim2011 Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
    This is a great site with acceptance statistics for many Universities, including UWM: Stanford and Duke Accepted How Many? Colleges Report 2011 Admission Figures - NYTimes.com

    As you can see, they are very close to reaching last year number of accepted students. And as we all know, UWM did not use their Waitlist last year.

    I may be wrong (I hope I am wrong, because I am also on the waitlist), but I guess they won't use their waitlist this year. Too many students applied to the UWM.

  • judyjimjudyjim Posts: 157Registered User Junior Member
    Great site and somewhat daunting!! WOW, Did not realize Madison accepted half of their applicants. That is high. This is even more depressing news. I agree, there will be no need for them to turn to the wait list with these numbers. Oh well... another reason to move on. :(
  • Tim2011Tim2011 Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
    Another reason to move on... :) ! I know that UWM is a great university but if you applied to other universities, there must be a reason. Be happy with what you have ;)

    That doesn't mean we should not hope that UWM sends us a letter of acceptance in May ! But as a safety, you should apply to your other best choice.
  • Tim2011Tim2011 Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
    Just got their letter. They say "If we are able to offer you admission, we will do our best to contact you before the end of June".

    I guess we'll have to wait !
  • wis75wis75 Posts: 10,829Registered User Senior Member
    "Love thy safety". Be prepared mentally and otherwise to attend another school. Pay any deposits et al. Do not count on UW and go nowhere.
  • judyjimjudyjim Posts: 157Registered User Junior Member
    Heard Madison will not be turning to waitlist this year. Is this true or just rumor??
  • barronsbarrons Posts: 24,227Registered User Senior Member
    Well, the number already accepted should be enough given normal yield rates but you never know until May 2. I don't think anyone can say right now.
  • Tim2011Tim2011 Posts: 61Registered User Junior Member
    Lots and lots of students applying to WISC are on the waiting list: Waiting Lists Have Plenty of Company - NYTimes.com
  • barronsbarrons Posts: 24,227Registered User Senior Member
    I think putting several thousand people on a waitlist is a little extreme but I also see UW is far from the only one on that list--which I am sure is not comprehensive as many schools would not divulge that data right now. I believe Michigan ended up in such bad shape in getting out decsions they just about gave up on even reviewing remaining apps and put everyone they did not get to on the waitlist. Some applicants are pretty ticked about that. I think many schools were overwhelmend with the increase in apps this year.
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