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How Hard is Organic Chemistry??

ibnhf1ibnhf1 Posts: 156Registered User Junior Member
edited March 2013 in Vanderbilt University
I'm sure this may seem like a stupid question but son is quite nervous about next term with Org Chem and Genetics. He just finished Bio, Chem and Calc and did pretty well but is next year going to be worse? Any advice thoughts or experience would be so appreciated.
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Replies to: How Hard is Organic Chemistry??

  • silversparkles18silversparkles18 Posts: 254Registered User Junior Member
    Yup - it will be tougher. If he is pre-med, junior year will actually be the most difficult of all. Orgo was one of my most difficult classes. I ended up reading every chapter, doing all of the suggested problems, and making hundreds of flash cards. Many of my Friday and Saturday nights were spent with my Orgo book. I really liked genetics, but the general consensus seemed to be that it to was a tough class. No sense in your son getting all stressed out this summer. It's doable, but it will be a challenge.
  • dtotheustin09dtotheustin09 Posts: 266Registered User Junior Member
    I'm just being completely honest, but Orgo was the hardest class I took at Vandy. I struggled just to pass the second semester. It is a lot of memorization of rules and patterns. Some people like that kind of thing and did well. I'm more of a numbers person and couldn't seem to keep up. The lab is also not a walk in the park although it is easier than the class.
  • ibnhf1ibnhf1 Posts: 156Registered User Junior Member
    Thanks Guys. Too bad it's so so hard . He will just have to see. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm sorry for all the kids who work so hard in a class and come out with low grades. I'm sure the fear is neccessary for motivation to stay with it. Have a good summer and rest up for next term with a little fun hopefully.
  • Faline2Faline2 Posts: 4,042Registered User Senior Member
    silversparkles...aren't you in med school? good for U for keeping your eye on the prize

    if not and you are a senior..Good Luck!

    you can be a truthful example to current students re level of prep it takes to make it through
  • silversparkles18silversparkles18 Posts: 254Registered User Junior Member
    Almost... I start in a couple of weeks. I just get bored while working in my lab sometimes. I'm sure I'll be fading away soon!
  • GCN2GCN2 Posts: 394Registered User Member
    I'm just saying, a real supporter of Vandy would never fade away. Never. :P

    My best piece of advice for Organic chem is to remember that the first semester is all about learning the principles of reactions, The second semester is more focused on memorizing what reactions yield what products.\

    As for genetics, I'm biased I loved the class and thought it wasn't too bad. Like everything else it takes commitment and hard studying, there is no secret.
  • ibnhf1ibnhf1 Posts: 156Registered User Junior Member
    My son ended up with a B in organic Chemistry at Vanderbilt and is starting medical school this summer at a top 25 school, so please stay hopeful no matter how this class goes. If you really want it you will get it!
  • Faline2Faline2 Posts: 4,042Registered User Senior Member
    congrats to your hard working son, ibnhf1....hoping the med school years will also be golden for him..he used his years at Vandy well!
  • PancakedPancaked Posts: 3,353Registered User Senior Member
    The great thing about orgo is it's not that difficult conceptually. It's just a lot of memorization. If your son did well with chem, calc, and bio, he should not be too worried about Orgo. It's pretty darn hard to get an A but most solid students come out with a B-range grade. Orgo has certainly been my most difficult course in terms of memorization and amount of content, but I've had classes that were more difficult conceptually.
  • MminjjaeMminjjae Posts: 131Registered User Junior Member
    I'm a chemical engineer major, and I think if you're good at Geometry, Multi-variable Calculus, and programming, you'll do absolutely fine with Organic Chemistry. Contrary to popular belief, Organic Chemistry doesn't really require lots of memorizations too. If you understand the big picture of its concepts, things automatically settle down. Furthermore, if you're a logical thinker, you will do absolutely fine in the class.
    Oh, and go Vandies!
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