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Vassar Hopefuls Incorrectly Notified of Acceptance

littlepoliticianlittlepolitician Posts: 115Registered User Junior Member
edited April 2012 in Vassar College
This note just got sent to all Vassar alumni:

Dear alumnae/i and families,

We know how sensitive the process of acceptance to Vassar is. Over our long history we have protected that process and the applicants so that the moment of notification can be as wonderful as possible for accepted students and as least damaging as possible for those denied. We put 76 applicants in a terrible position on Friday. A "test" acceptance letter that was a placeholder on a special website for Early Decision applicants inadvertently was left in place. By the time the error was discovered, 30 minutes after the time students were told they could check decisions, 76 applicants had read that they had been accepted when in fact they had not been. Each of those students was informed of the error and received our deepest apologies.

We are full of regret and we will be making changes to our notification system. We apologize to these students and their families, to our alumnae/i, our students, our faculty, to Vassar's community.

Catharine Hill

Anyone one of those 76 people? :/
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Replies to: Vassar Hopefuls Incorrectly Notified of Acceptance

  • momof3sonsmomof3sons Posts: 5,102Registered User Senior Member
    Yup, my DH who is a Vassar grad, just forwarded this to me. What a mess, and not the first time a college/university has had a screw-up like this. There are a number of examples. So when kids complain about another top LAC which only releases decisions by snail mail and they have to wait for it, here's another example about what happens with online decisions.
  • turntablerturntabler Posts: 416Registered User Member
    Just read the end of the early Decision II thread, you'll see some of the 76 :(
  • TunisianTunisian Posts: 45Registered User Junior Member
    I am ! and those apologies will not compensate the pain me and my family felt this week end!
  • DLeggioDLeggio Posts: 78Registered User Junior Member
    They barely apologized to us....

    "We apologize sincerely for any confusion or disappointment that this mistake may have caused. If after checking your decision again, you still have questions, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office on Monday morning. Thank you for your understanding."

    One sentence...that's your "deepest apology"?
  • smewshiesmewshie Posts: 96Registered User Junior Member
    That's a horrible thing to happen, but since it was THEIR mistake, I feel like they should accept at least some of the students who were told that they were accepted, if not all. Many students have probably withdrawn their other applications so where are they supposed to go now? Many of the deadlines are before February 1st...opinions?
  • erlangererlanger Posts: 488Registered User Member
    It is an unfortunate situation, no doubt, but don't be ridiculous about kids w/drawing or missing Feb. 1 deadlines. The mistake was up for roughly 3 hours on a Friday, so while it is emotionally draining and disappointing for those involved, I doubt it would alter any kids' other college prospects. BTW, it happened to my D with a high school, but similarly, as the error was corrected within hours, she was able to move on to other choices and put it behind her. Adversity is part of life, Tunisian, and I am sure it will be a slight blip in your college acceptance path. Good luck.
  • metaxa13metaxa13 Posts: 198Registered User Junior Member
    I am one of the 76. I just want to erase the memory of being initially accepted from my brain.
  • Roger_DooleyRoger_Dooley Posts: 106,355Founder Senior Member
    Quite a bit of national coverage of this messy situation, including the role of CC:

    For Some Vassar Applicants, Joy Then Misery as College Corrects Mistake - New York Times
    Word spread quickly among the applicants, many of whom had been communicating on the Web site College Confidential in the days before the decisions were to be released, sharing their well-wishes and trepidation.

    Ms. Curiel heard from a classmate who had also been told he was accepted. Mr. Ghedira found out early Saturday morning. “He was so happy, he wanted to read it again,” his mother, Sonia Ghedira, said Saturday, adding that her son was too distraught to come to the telephone.

    At 5:11 p.m. Friday, the first panicked message hit the College Confidential message board: “Now it says I’m declined??????”

    “Accepted at 4, reject at 5,” read another. “I don’t understand.”

    Vassar Is Sorry for Accepting 76 Applicants and Then Rejecting Them - (Gratuitous stereotyping) via Gawker.com
    Over at College Confidential, mecca for helicopter parents and their overachieving children, Francois—"one of the 76"—has compared his misery to that of a lighthouse in a stormy sea...

    Does Vassar College owe the wrongly accepted students anything beyond an apology? - NYTimes.com
    To rub salt into the wound, the Vassar admissions office called it a week andmatter-of-factly posted, “If after checking your decision again you still have questions, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office on Monday morning.” After such a major gaffe, it’s unbelievable to me that there was no one on the end of a telephone to provide some cold comfort or at the very least to apologize. It’s unbelievable that a kid who, as one applicant posted on College Confidential’s Web site, “was accepted at 4, reject at 5. I don’t understand…” would be abandoned, along with all the others, for an entire weekend.
  • CalculusDogCalculusDog Posts: 1Registered User New Member
    my family and I*

    College admissions officers always appreciate good grammar.
  • ErikLorenzsonnErikLorenzsonn Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    Hey guys,

    I'm a senior editor at Vassar College's student newspaper, the Miscellany News, and I was wondering if anyone who received a false acceptance letter would be willing to speak with me over the phone or via Skype. I know that many members of the College community are eager to hear from the applicants about their experience and their thoughts on the situation. Please email me at erlorenzsonn@vassar.edu if you are interested!

    Thanks so much,
    Erik Lorenzsonn
  • turntablerturntabler Posts: 416Registered User Member
    Yeah, that gawker article is pretty annoying.
  • Davidabb84Davidabb84 Posts: 1,355- Senior Member
    So, wait. Were the 76 people supposed to be rejected, or are they back to waiting now?
  • MaterMiaMaterMia Posts: 1,155Registered User Senior Member
    HUGE public relations mistake not to man the phone that night and the next day. Ms Catharine Hill should have been helping to answer the phone.
  • iluvbooks94iluvbooks94 Posts: 1,009Registered User Senior Member
    Oh wow. That's awful. I feel really bad for those 76 applicants.
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