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Gays at Vassar

ZtrashNowZtrashNow Posts: 3Registered User New Member
edited May 2005 in Vassar College
I really like Vassar but I have been hearing bad things about the amount of gays. Don't get me wrong but I am a straight guy and I would not feel comfortable with a large gay population. I would imagine a population with 1 out of 10 people being gay but I have being hearing that gay people are the majority at Vassar.

Please can I have some truth because I can't imagine that it is as bad as NYC and even NYC is overstated. Please some help!
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Replies to: Gays at Vassar

  • chocomanchocoman Posts: 2,293Registered User Senior Member
    isn't that better for you though if Vassar is 60% girls and theres a lot of gay men? I mean, its more girls for us straight guys!
  • CC ArticlesCC Articles Posts: 32,210- Senior Member
    If that is a major concern for you, Vassar probably would not be the place for you. You may want to check out Union.
  • ZtrashNowZtrashNow Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    It is not a major concern but I would like to know "how gay" the school is. Some people tell me that there are gay rallies and dances every week and other people tell me that it is not a big deal and not as often.

    All I am looking for is the truth so I can make an informed choice.
  • anxious1anxious1 Posts: 150Registered User Junior Member
    Well to answer your question yes there is a lot of gay people at Vassar. both women and men.
    But my question to you is why does that matter? They are not going to bite you. Dude, I agree with the above post. If you are seriously are basing something like your college decision on the amount of gay people at the college, then you seriously do not need to be at Vassar with its VERY liberal and VERY gay campus.

  • silverstonettsilverstonett Posts: 132Registered User Junior Member
    well im applying ED and I understand Ztrash's concern. Id be interested in really seeing just how obvious the community and whether there are very many straight girls...

    i dont care if there are a lot of gay people around me, i dont care, but i want some women from which to date or something...
  • anxious1anxious1 Posts: 150Registered User Junior Member
    Do you all really think that there will only be 1 or 2 straight girls????
    NO!!!! There will of course be enough straight girls.
    I think you should worry more about the girls liking you. At a college like Vassar the girls will undoubtedly be smart and they may not WANT to date someone that bases their education on the amount of available girls at said college
  • amargrosaamargrosa Posts: 65Registered User Junior Member
    if anything you straight guys would have it fairly easy lets assume that for every 70 girls there are 30 guys, now outta the 70 girls you have 30 odd lesbians and out of the 30 guys you have about 13 gay guys that leaves you with 40 straight girls for ever 17 straight guys......if anything the straight guys have a lot of women
  • silverstonettsilverstonett Posts: 132Registered User Junior Member
    i suppose lol yea, i guess its silly to worry.....and im not basing my education on the amount of available girls, if that were the case, Id go to lesley college which is going coed next year so that would be the place to go if i were that interested.

    im just concerned...
  • saysuasaysua Posts: 113Registered User Junior Member
    "Id go to lesley college which is going coed"

    Another women's college down, geez, as if Wells wasn't enough.
  • stopcryingstopcrying Posts: 11Registered User New Member
    Look if you are that worried about the gay population at Vassar then you need to look at ur own sexuality. I on the other hand am very secure about my sexuality and have had many sexual experiences with men and yet im still straight and love the ladies. Just because your around gay people doesnt mean that you have to be one. Take into account the existentialist view of Albert Camus don't let society define you define yourself.
  • moocow961moocow961 Posts: 322Registered User Member
    Maybe I am misunderstanding you, but you say that you have had "many sexual experiences with men," but you are still straight? Now, I don't have anything against gays or anything like that, otherwise I certainly wouldn't be applying to Vassar, but that comment doesn't make much sense to me...

    Other than that, I agree with you x 9.
  • halrandhalrand Posts: 15Registered User New Member
    One's sexuality doesn't depend on who one sleeps with, but who one is attracted to both physically and romantically. I can't make any statements as to stopcrying's experiences, but it perfectly understandable for a curious straight man to experiment with gay sexuality if for no other reason than to see what it's like. There are those also who would identify themselves as straight, being attracted physically and romantically to members of the opposite sex, yet still have such an affinity for gay sex that they seek it out as an alternative form of relief (I believe the term coined for such people is "flexual"). What one likes to do on a Saturday night and one's sexuality do not always have to go hand in hand.
  • moocow961moocow961 Posts: 322Registered User Member
    True. I didn't think of it like that.
  • bjrwrhbjrwrh Posts: 519Registered User Member
    According to the sex researcher Alfred Kinsey (there is a great movie out right now about his life that everyone should see), a surprisingly high number of straight men (a majority, actually), have had some sort of homosexual sexual experience. He had a theory about "degrees of sexuality:" that some people are fully gay, and others are fully straight, but most lie somewhere on a spectrum between the two.
  • jym626jym626 Posts: 46,618Registered User Senior Member
    "What one likes to do on a Saturday night and one's sexuality do not always have to go hand in hand."

    Halrandir- now really...... :)
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