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villanova vs. uconn

myjesellemyjeselle Posts: 23Registered User New Member
edited April 2012 in Villanova University
Villanova and uconn are my top choices and I got into both. I'm majoring in economics and I need some help making a decision. I have never visited villanova; what is it like?
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Replies to: villanova vs. uconn

  • RUKiddingRUKidding Posts: 47Registered User Junior Member
    Your killing me... First of all congrats!! I also applied to both. I'm in at UCONN but Villanova was my No.1. I have been to both schools and they are both really good schools. I guess it would depend on you. The size of the two are very different as you would already assume.

    Philly & Wash are also quite different from Providance, Boston or NY so I would think about where you want to intern.

    To be selfish, if you went to UCONN you open my wait-list option giving me another chance but that's not fair to you. Had to put this in...sorry!

    I have a friend at Vill and many friends at UCONN... The freedom or fun at UCONN is better, think of that however it makes you feel.

    I wish I had your choice but I visited Villanova twice to make sure it was for me. I stayed the day and get to know the place the best I could. I would say that if you have the time make the drive and make sure it's for you.

    Good luck... Please let me know if you go to UCONN.
  • myjesellemyjeselle Posts: 23Registered User New Member
    Haha thanks for your input! I heard that villanova is very conservative and not really diverse. Is this true?

    Also, why is uconn nationally ranked when villanova is only ranked regionally?
  • charlieschmcharlieschm Posts: 4,282Registered User Senior Member
    The US News ranking is structured to separate universities that give out many doctorates vs. those that mainly have masters degree programs. If you look at the stats, if Villanova was ranked in the national list, it is guess-timated it would be about at the level of Lehigh U.
  • myjesellemyjeselle Posts: 23Registered User New Member
    So villanova is academically superior?

    What's the atmosphere like at villanova? Somebody told me it was full of wasp-y like people but of course I won't base my opinion on one rumor
  • RUKiddingRUKidding Posts: 47Registered User Junior Member
    My thought is yes, it is very conservative that's one of the things I liked so much. From what I can tell the students work hard for what they have. Not sure what wasp-y people are but everybody I meet were very nice.

    The atmosphere to me was won of work hard and get it done, again very good. All that being said these elements can be found at UCONN but I think there was less conservativeness and more free spirt.

    This is only my feelings, you really need to see it for yourself. Two common things I did see was that the students were all nice no matter what you think about life. Regarding academically superior thought...two good schools. The standard it much high at Villanova; however, it's all in what we put into our studies.

    Good luck either way but if you have time you should make the trip before saying yes, public vs. private the over all culture is different.
  • RisingChemistRisingChemist Posts: 218Registered User Junior Member
    Wasp defined: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

    Villanova is not Waspy. In fact, Villanova was originally founded in the 1800s to educate people who were not WASPs, particularly Irish Catholic immigrants. At the time there was a great deal of tension between the Anlglo Protestants and the Celtic Catholics. They were sworn enemies and the Irish immigrants were discriminated against by the mainstream colleges. The Augustinians are an Irish order of priests that founded the school.

    Boston College has a similar history to Villanova since many of the Irish immigrants that came into New York move up the coast to Boston or down to Philadelphia. Georgetown has a similar history as well.

    I suggest you do some research on the history of Irish-Anglo tensions. You will see that the University was created as an alternative to WASP-dominated colleges. Villanova was founded in 1842, two years before the Philadelphia Nativist Riots (read a bit about the riots for some insight on the climate of the mid-19th century in the United States).

    Today there are still a lot of people of Irish descent at Villanova. There are also many people of Italian descent and even a fair share of WASPS. There are minority groups represented but not to the extent you would see at a public school.
  • livesinnewjerseylivesinnewjersey Posts: 621Registered User Member
    I think you will find all types of kids there-- but a common thread is smart, more politcally & socially conservative and hard worker. There are many segments & it seems most find their niches. There are kids in sweatshirts/pants & Ralph Lauren & everything in between.
  • mandypandymandypandy Posts: 631Registered User Member
    Villanova is a great school, however it is sometimes referred to as Vanillanova...
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