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CalArts or RISD summer school?

mpebblesmpebbles Posts: 94Registered User Junior Member
What is a better summer program in animation, CalArts or RISD?

CalArts was competitive to get into, and is way cheaper for a CA resident.

RISD's program admits pretty much everyone, but their summer curriculum includes design/foundation drawing/art history in addition to animation, which may be good for adding pieces to a portfolio over the summer.

What would look better on an application this fall for someone interested in pursuing animation and applying to UCLA Arts, USC film/animation, RISD, and CalArts?
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Replies to: CalArts or RISD summer school?

  • silverpetalsilverpetal Posts: 171Registered User Junior Member
    Both are fine institutions.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd choose CalArts. If you're a CA resident, the cost alone would be worth it. It has (as I've heard) more clout in the animation world. Yes, it's true that you should be a well-rounded artist but I would think you'd benefit more in CalArts as for the most part, animation schools want portfolios that are more or less geared on animation.
  • mpebblesmpebbles Posts: 94Registered User Junior Member
    I should have said that the program at CalArts is run by Innerspark (California State Summer School for the Arts) -- it is held at CalArts.

    Is RISD held in higher regard as far as applying to colleges and art schools?
    For example, would RISD itself care that someone went to their summer program? Or does it not matter, since it is not too selective for pre-college programs?
  • PATSY55PATSY55 Posts: 94Registered User Junior Member
    My D went to Innerspark two years in a row. First in music performance and second in music composition. She still, as Junior in College, she finds that the
    connections she made at the program invaluable. She still is in touch with the musicians and composers that she met there.
    (she had master classes with John Adams,possibly the one of the most important composers today). And the most selective and best
    program there was the animation program. The kids there spent time with
    professionals at Pixar, Warner Bros, and Paramount. GO THERE.
  • PATSY55PATSY55 Posts: 94Registered User Junior Member
    I forgot to add. Its a great place to find out if you really have what it takes.
    You WILL work hard. In the compostition program, she was in the studio from
    about 8am to 12pm.
  • sketchysketchy Posts: 110Registered User Junior Member
    My son attended the RISD summer program "majoring" in animation last summer, and really loved it. RISD has excellent facilities and instructors, and Providence is a fun city.

    However, I would give the edge to CalArts as far as their ranking. From what I've gathered, CalArts is rated #1 among schools for animation, especially in
    2D. RISD might be ranked right behind. The summer program for animation at RISD is only a couple of years old, and as you stated, isn't as competitive as CalArts.

    Overall I'd give the edge to CalArts, unless I was sure I was going to attend college at RISD.
  • MoominmamaMoominmama Posts: 827Registered User Member
    I know a couple who both went to Cal Arts summer programs, and got hired directly out of high school --never went to college! They are both working professionals in hand-drawn animation.
  • ktwofishktwofish Posts: 176Registered User Junior Member
    I would not choose a summer program with the intention of making a college application stronger. Summer programs are opportunities to experience college life, specific majors, etc. My daughter went to Pratt's summer pre-college. It helped her to decide that she definitely wanted to go to art school...just not at Pratt.
  • bladeofgrassbladeofgrass Posts: 22Registered User New Member
    CalArts without a doubt. I attended CalArts and my daughter attends RISD. She doesn't like RISD and will probably transfer. RISD, imo, is 'way' overrated.
  • speductrspeductr Posts: 21Registered User New Member
    This is a bit off topic but I had to respond to the "way" overrated comment. My daughter just finished her Freshman year at RISD and she has been so impressed by
    the caliber of her fellow students. Not every professor is the greatest, but overall she says that the variety of student talent as well as professors is tremendous and she has learned so much . She knew it was highly regarded before she went and that opinion has not changed.
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