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argentinian accents are ok in ap spanish??

elpajaroelpajaro Posts: 4Registered User New Member
edited July 2012 in World Languages
hola todos, soy de argentina aunque no soy una hablante nativa (la situacion es un poco loca jaja pero igual). este mayo voy a asistir al AP spanish language pero me di cuenta de que solo hablo bien el castellano de la Argentina en lugar del espa
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Replies to: argentinian accents are ok in ap spanish??

  • elpajaroelpajaro Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    help me please... i really don´t know if it is ok to speak spanish with Argentinian accents in the speaking seccion of the AP spanish... it would cost me a lot to learn it because i´m living in argentina now and ya me cuesta demasiado estudiar todo esto. will they deduct my points because of my pronounce?? will that be TOO MUCH for a five?? i'll be in the AP exam this may....

    gracias de nuevo!!
  • mada34mada34 Posts: 153Registered User Junior Member
    No te preocupes! I speak with a Chilean accent (it's very distinct, and sounds really similar to an Argentinian accent, I've been told) and I had the same concern... I'm not a native speaker, either (it's complicated for me, too,) and switching my pronunciation would be super confusing for me, so I talked to my teacher about it. She's a Spaniard as well as a former AP grader, and told me that accent plays almost 0 role in grading. You can speak however you want--espa
  • alwaysleahalwaysleah Posts: 2,737Registered User Senior Member
    I have a friend who wrote and spoke the entire exam in Portuguese and managed to get a 4. You will be fine.
  • garfieldlikergarfieldliker Posts: 1,992Registered User Senior Member
    ^lolwut? Well, MC he could BS his way though, and speaking seems doable, but the graders surely noticed on the written section(s)
  • alwaysleahalwaysleah Posts: 2,737Registered User Senior Member
    ^Well probably, but I'm assuming that he had high enough MC and speaking that the writing was what brought him down to a 4. You can miss a lot on AP tests and still get a 4/5.
  • apmaster101apmaster101 Posts: 24Registered User New Member
    No, if you find anything in portuguese online, you will see that written it is a lot closer to spanish. But spoken it isn't even remotely close. Spoken portuguese almost has a Russian-esque sound to it. So his writing would pull him down some, but there's no way he would have gotten any points on the speaking
  • alwaysleahalwaysleah Posts: 2,737Registered User Senior Member
    Lol I'm sure he got SOME points. My point is that he passed so I'm sure an Argentinian accent is fine.
  • elpajaroelpajaro Posts: 4Registered User New Member
    ^i find the topic of this thread has changed maravillosamente..... anyway portuguese es mucho mas dificil para mi jaj
  • any5302003any5302003 Posts: 137Registered User Junior Member
    NO WAY. i think on the rubic,, it says that u'll get a 0 or a - if u speak in another language.
  • wafflestompwafflestomp Posts: 49Registered User Junior Member
    Just be careful to sound clear. My relatives from Spain tell me they can hardly understand people from Argentina sometimes.
  • calbrecalbre Posts: 3Registered User New Member
    Yo tengo un problema parecido y estoy bien preocupado sobre ma
  • kbrown8704kbrown8704 Posts: 102Registered User Junior Member
    If you ace everything but the speaking, you guys will be find

    Just pray that you get a decent topic for the presentational speaking.....

    Sent from my LG-VM701 using CC
  • cty4evercty4ever Posts: 156Registered User Junior Member
    I know this late, but in case anyone wants it for future reference: I have two friends fluent in Spanish. One is from Spain and has the corresponding accent. Another lived in Bolivia from age 4 to age 14, she speaks Spanish with a mostly Bolivian accent (on some words you can tell she's American). Both received 5s. About the Portuguese thing, one girl form my school did the same thing a few years ago and got a 5, she did the same for French and received a 4, clearly they don't care that much.
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