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Adderall vs. Non-Adderal Scores

wcclirl444wcclirl444 - Posts: 543 Member
edited September 2013 in ACT Preparation
Does anyone have any before/after test results from before and after they were prescribed Adderall? I am getting tested for ADHD (all of my family members have it and I think I do too...) and want to know if I can expect any sort of increase in my score.
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Replies to: Adderall vs. Non-Adderal Scores

  • runningpoprunningpop Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    All of your family members have ADHD? Family meals must be interesting... I don't have any experience with aderall but from what I hear your score will definitely go up a few points.
  • keabie18keabie18 Registered User Posts: 414 Member

    ADHD is actually commonly genetic. I'm not sure if your scores will go up significantly on their own, but you will definitely be able to focus a lot better, both while studying for the test and while taking the test, which should help a lot.
  • wcclirl444wcclirl444 - Posts: 543 Member
    Thanks for the replies. Good point about the focusing... I literally skipped half of the reading section on the last test because I couldn't focus enough so I figured it wasn't even worth trying (although I feel I got in the mid 30s on the other sections). And to the poster 2 above, there are 2 types of ADHD. One that is hyperactive and one that's not so it doesn't always affect people the way you may be thinking it does. Also, my parents had it when they were younger but it is not really noticeable anymore.
  • ShrinkrapShrinkrap Registered User Posts: 11,788 Senior Member
  • saman42saman42 Registered User Posts: 565 Member
    2070 Adderall
    2280 Non-Adderall

    On Adderall I felt confident in literally every question. I came out with a sincere belief that I might have gotten a 2400. I finished every section with like 15 minutes to spare, but I found it IMPOSSIBLE to go back and check my answers. For some reason, the Adderall physically would not let me review my answers. All I wanted to do was answer more questions lol. I recommend not taking it. It definitely made me feel different but it didn't give me an advantage.

    Edit: Oh whoops lol I didn't read the whole first post. I don't have ADHD, I was just being stupid and I took Adderall to try to increase my score. Backfired. For you it would almost certainly help.
  • wcclirl444wcclirl444 - Posts: 543 Member
    Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll post my most recent score when I get it back (non adderall/vyvanse/concerta/ritalin) and post the next score with the medicine. In the meantime, does anyone else have any before/after scores for either the SAT or the ACT?
  • sacajaweasacajawea Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    My stepbrothers both have mild ADHD and were prescribed adderall or concerta (not sure which) but didn't like to take it, and did fine in school without it. However, they both took it for the SATs/ACTs because they couldn't sit still for 4-5 hours. With the medication, one improved from a 1950 to a 2140 on the SAT and the other improved from a 29 to a 32 on the ACT. They both also studied a lot between their two exams, so I'm not sure if it was because of the adderall! P.S. The older one is now at Northwestern and doing great.
  • FacawiFacawi Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    After studying extensively my junior year I received a 2150 on the SATs and a 30 on the ACTs. I was sout really late before the acts and had a bad head ache in the morning. All of these scores were without Adderal. I decided I might as well try it once during me senior year, and i took the acts with adderal. MASSIVE Improvement. I received a 34 without any preperation.

    Take them a few times during junior year without it, and then you might as well give up one morning during your senior year just to see how you do drugged up.

  • TedJonesTedJones Registered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    The first time I took the SAT (no prep, no Adderall) I got a 1270/1900. The second time I studied extensively and got a 1370/2010. The third time I didn't study at all but took adderall and got a 1340/2020.

    The first time I took the ACT (no prep, but I used adderall during the test) I got a 32. I didn't finish reading, oddly enough. After the math section I was reviewing a question that stumped me and was thinking about it intensely. When I got back from the break I was focused on it and spent about 5 minutes of the reading section trying to figure out whether or not I got it wrong. Turns out, I got it wrong, and I ended up not finishing the reading section haha. It can help, but can also back fire. It's also a diuretic, so it makes you pee a lot more, and very shortly after you consume fluids. That sort of screwed me over too.
  • luna27luna27 Registered User Posts: 283 Junior Member
    It helps so much especially if you have extended time. Setting there for 5hr and 45mins it sucks use the meds
  • youliveandlearnyouliveandlearn Registered User Posts: 60 Junior Member
    Do people who don't have ADHD normally take adderal or ritalin before exams? I know that some students at my school do, but they don't take those to help them with schoolwork, just recreational I think. I was just never aware that people took them to actually help them focus when they don't have ADHD.
  • dreamer2012dreamer2012 Registered User Posts: 247 Junior Member
    @youliveandlearn i have several friends who take addy recreationally... they were on it during the AP tests last year and one took the ACT on it (got a 32). I've done it once to study for finals and I wouldn't reccomend it, it kinda does help but makes me physically twitchy lol I wouldn't do it again
  • stePabsstePabs Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    When I took Adderall before the ACT my results were: 25, 26
    When I didn't take Adderall before the ACT my results were: 28, 30

    For me personally, Adderall made me overthink even the easy problems which caused me to run out of time on some of the sections, or even end up choosing wrong answers.

    While I thought Adderall would have made my scores significantly better, in my case, I actually did much worse.
  • wcclirl444wcclirl444 - Posts: 543 Member
    Well, it looks like I won't be able to get tested until January (after the ACT coming up in two days... ugh). In the meantime, does anyone else have any before/after Adderall/Vyvanse/Concerta/Ritalin scores they would be willing to post? I would love to see before/after extended time scores as well.
  • student1017student1017 - Posts: 389 Member
    Don't do this. I took Adderall on my ACT and received a MUCH lower score than expected. All it does is raise your heart beat. Trust me, it's NOT the magic drug you expect. I'll never do that again.
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