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Questions About the ACT (Studying, Improvement, etc.)

Stophin_Stophin_ 11 replies11 postsRegistered User Junior Member
Hello. I made a post a couple of weeks ago where I asked about the possibility for my SAT score to improve dramatically. Since then, I have taken two ACT practice tests and achieved better scores (29 and 31). I have discovered that I am doing considerably better in the English category of the ACT than on the SAT with my best scores being 35 in Writing and 36 in Reading, while my Math and Science scores have been a little worse with my best being a 27 in Math and 26 in Science. As I write this, I have 3 months until the October ACT and 6 months until my final ACT, and my goal is to get a 34, 35, or 36. Prior to taking the 2 ACT practice tests, I had already taken 2 SAT practice tests (1270 on both), had been running English exercises on Khan Academy (SAT) for a couple of weeks, and had been lightly practicing the Math section of the SAT for a month. Since the last ACT I took (1 week), I've been running over the answers I got wrong on Math and Science and have been brushing up on some Basic Chemistry. Taking my current scores, the preparation that I've undergone so far, and the time I have left all into account, would that goal of 34, 35, 36 be feasible to achieve? Can Khan Academy's SAT practice be useful for the ACT? How much science do I need to know for the ACT? And lastly, what are some good methods for finishing on time? I've tested myself on the Math and Science sections without time and have achieved 28's and 29's.
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  • SrochesterSrochester 6 replies7 postsRegistered User New Member
    I would search up free online ACT practice tests (there are a ton online, at least 10 if you look) and just do a bunch of tests. And I mean a BUNCH. The only way to get better is to just keep practicing and practicing. I will say, at the end of each test, make sure you score it and take the time to understand why some questions you got wrong. For the Science part, you do not need to know a bunch of science, just general concepts - like punnet squares, etc. I would recommend the book "For the love of ACT science" - it really helped me improve my science section. Also, I honestly don't think Khan Academy would be helpful - the SAT and ACT are just too different. I also prefer studying for the ACT on pencil and paper rather than computer, as the test is taken by hand.
    You can do it! I raised my ACT from a 28 to a 35 using these techniques. Good luck.

    (also I didn't care to proofread this, so sorry if some things do not make sense)
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