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Is Retaking the ACT Worth It?

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I have a 34 on my ACT (35r, 35e, 35m, 30s) for one sitting, and a 35 superscored. I'm a junior right now, and I want to apply to Top 20 schools (along with obviously my state schools and safeties). However, my GPA is not great (3.3uw/3.8w) due to health problems in my freshman year. I've improved tons since then, and my weighted my junior year was around a 4.6, which is almost the highest you can get with the regulations at my school. So I have a strong upwards trend.

Should I retake the ACT and try to get a 36? I feel like this would prove that I'm smarter than my GPA shows, and might make it more feasible to get into a T-20.

Any other advice would also be appreciated.

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