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123456help123456help 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi there so i recently took the act as a junior in the fall and i did okay. I got a 26 overall but spent some time studying not a lot. This was my first time taking it, im taking another one in FEB and one provided by the school in april. I want to improve my score, are there any tips to help out. Heres my breakdown scores

Math: 30
English: 21

I don't know where and how to start and how much i should spend time. I take 6 AP classes and don't really know how to balance everything. Please give me some advice. Thanks
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  • deneuralyzerdeneuralyzer 99 replies13 threads Junior Member
    First of all, what is your goal score? Which colleges are you aiming for?

    I'd say a foolproof method is to buy the Barron's ACT prep book along with Princeton Review's "Math and Science Workout for the ACT" series. More specific tips below:

    English: as this is your lowest section score, spend the most time on this. There's really no way to crack it except memorizing all the rules of grammar. The advantage is that this is the most straightforward section to prep for. Just study any ACT English prep book (or Strunk and White's Elements of Style) and you should be fine.

    Reading: An open secret about the ACT Reading is that most of the answers to the questions are there word-for-word in the actual passage. There's little to no actual deduction or comprehension involved. The strategy that worked for me was reading the questions first and then scanning the passage for key words.

    Math: Practice, practice, practice. You seem to be doing better on this section than on the others, so taking a bunch of practice sections should improve your score even more. One specific tip I can give is to go as fast as possible on the first half of the section, as those questions are much easier than the second half.

    Science: By far the most difficult to crack. However, it is possible; I started with a 31 on this section and worked my way up to a 36. What worked for me was doing practice science sections in the Barron's book, but with only half the recommended time. This helped condition my brain to work the problems faster.
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