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is junior year enough?

mathelamathela 260 replies58 threadsRegistered User Member
Hi guys. I'm in my junior year and have been doing very well in all of my classes. I have a 3.9 unweighted GPA this year. (based on A+=4.33, A=4.0, etc) I'm not sure what my weighted GPA is as i have no idea how to calculate it. I have also been working hard for the SAT and hope to get ~2200. Unfortunately, my GPA sophmore year was terrible (~3.35) and my GPA freshman year was ~3.7 My EC's with community service and sports are pretty good though. If I keep my 3.9 GPA which has 2 AP's and 2 honors courses, will i qualify for a top 100 (but not ivy) school, especially if instate? Also, is class rank based on all 3 years or just junior? Thanks!
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  • jchan9193jchan9193 14 replies4 threadsRegistered User New Member
    IMO I don't think a top 100 school is really an issue at all. You could probably look into the top 50 range as your target schools, and Ivy as reach. Just my opinion.
    And class rank is based on all accumulated grades.
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  • mathelamathela 260 replies58 threadsRegistered User Member
    thanks jchan. i think i can def get into top 50 school as well.
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