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Sending in applications earlier=better chance?

EndPhaseEndPhase 482 replies101 threads Member
I'm not talking about EA/ED, just sending in apps early during RD. Let's say someone sends in there app for UCs on November 29th. Does that hurt his chances of getting accepted? What about for any private school where an application was sent just before the deadline?
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Replies to: Sending in applications earlier=better chance?

  • n0vad3m0nn0vad3m0n 749 replies78 threads Member
    As long as you believe the application is complete to the best of your abilities, send it in as early as you can.

    I've met with reps in September who were reading applications that were sent in (for RD) not an hour before meeting with us.

    Think about it. If you were an admissions officer, and you had a pile of 100 applications to go through that day, would you read them faster or slower compared to if you only had 20 or 30?
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  • EndPhaseEndPhase 482 replies101 threads Member
    Good point, although I do hope they are professional enough to give each application an equal amount of viewing time, regardless of date sent.
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  • n0vad3m0nn0vad3m0n 749 replies78 threads Member
    Similarly, it's all based on a "fit" requirement.

    Some applicants are just stunners that the admissions officers put them in the "admit" pile. What if they get to your application, but there aren't any more spaces for the freshman class?
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  • funnyman4funnyman4 253 replies91 threads Member
    I have been told that most schools, especially really selective ones, will fully evaluate all their applications. They guarantee this on their websites in some cases, but I am not sure how true that information is. However, don't a lot of schools not even start evaluating applications until after the due date has passed? I would doubt that sending an application in earlier will affect admission chances--do you have any solid sources that say this? Don't take my comments as hostile, I just want to know if you have heard this for sure or not.

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