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Dont psych yourself out

shuaishuaishuaishuaishuaishuai 714 replies180 threadsRegistered User Member
Hi, i am an international student who applied to (and got rejected by =)) 4 ivies last year. I felt that the worst thing that worked against me was my doubt. I got intimidated by the stats. I thought i needed great ECs to even have a shot at admission.
Right now, i am studying in a chartered accountancy program in my country where the admission rate is 8%, which is pretty hard to get into in canada (admitted only 1000 or so people apply). In my small program, there are one who got into Cornell and two who got into Stanford. Were they amazing? Yes. Were they that much better than me? Nope. They felt just getting into the states schools were just as hard as getting into our program, which is obviously not true =P. But my point is, worshiping the ivies (dont read them!) will eventually eat away your confidence. By then, you can kiss your admission letter goodbye. I think I could have got into Penn. I was not very genuine during the interview since i felt i had to make myself seem amazing or else... As ben afleck said in Boiler Room, just act as if you got a 9-inch you-know-what ;)
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  • 2college2college2college2college 1517 replies6 threads- Senior Member
    Alumni interviews count for nothing at all, so it wasn't the interview. No one should fear these interviews, they are info sessions for the student.

    No one should let not getting into an ivy impact their confidence. The simple fact is they take a small percentage of applicants and most applying are qualified. Half the class has hooks. They want kids from every state and many countries. The space left for an unhooked applicant from a well represented place is way less than the stats imply.
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