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Acceptance Shaming ("she only got in because she's _______")


Replies to: Acceptance Shaming ("she only got in because she's _______")

  • picktailspicktails Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    Where do you get the notion that URM status is equivalent to a "free ride?" That is an argument for athletic admissions only, as there are no financial advantages to being from any ethnic group. The misinformation that so angers you keeps growing. Financial aid is rewarded based on the FAFSA and CSS profile ONLY.

    You do realize every accepted student, regardless of race, is qualified to attend the institution that accepts them, right? The graduation data is available as well, if you care to do the research rather than rant. The ivies especially are not going to accept anyone less than "smart," as failure of their students would reflect rather poorly on their acceptance decisions, don't you think?

    Oh, and my daughter is far from "perfect," would never claim it nor desire to be so.
  • DuceandaquarterDuceandaquarter Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    Wow! Some interesting stuff! But this is quite tame compared to what she said to me yesterday via private message.
  • DuceandaquarterDuceandaquarter Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    edited May 2014
    streetcred May 19
    Sorry your opinion is as slanted as the Hartford Moms --- someone ought to look at family demographics, etc as to why the Asian culture excels as they do at Ivy's etc..- they have a VERY strong sense of family and education is of utmost importance. So if y'all want to generalize so will I - How many "Asian drug dealers do you see? How many pregnant 15 year old Asians do you see? How many Asians live on Welfare and use the EBT cards in the grocery store to buy big fat juicy steaks? Not many in my neck of the woods - they are all in the leafy suburbs because they are educated and work very hard to achieve. They encourage education more than they encourage going out and becoming a baby mama. That can't be said of some other minorities I"m afraid - THAT is IN FACT the truth that can't be escaped. Oh and I have a black nephew so I'm not 'throwing' hate at blacks, i love my nephew no matter what color his skin is.

    She's a class act isn't she?
  • GA2012MOMGA2012MOM Registered User Posts: 5,440 Senior Member
    Class act, sure, as long as you're talking third class.
  • picktailspicktails Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    NewHavenCTMom had filled me in via private message regarding your private message, Duceandaquarter. At this point, you can report her and have her banned, I'm sure.
    Notice how her arguments are based on things "in my neck of the woods?" That limited (and limiting) view of society at large will hold back her and her kids. Probably a good thing for the rest of us!
  • picktailspicktails Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    Would it shock streetcred to learn that whites edge out blacks in percentage of the population on public assistance? Again, these statistics are available to anyone who seeks them out.
  • DuceandaquarterDuceandaquarter Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    I'm having a difficult understanding how she can point a finger at anyone. Am I the only one trying to figure that out?
  • IxnayBobIxnayBob Registered User Posts: 4,333 Senior Member
    I spend more time on Bogleheads.org than here, especially since DS committed to his school for next year (I still hang around for general interest and the one remaining child who will be applying in a couple of years).

    Anyway, I usually appreciate that there's more latitude on this site than BH.org, but in this case, I'm not sure that any useful purpose is served by some of the posts. You'd think that a forum dedicated to education would more reliably show the hoped-for results of education.
  • RoysGoin2CollegeRoysGoin2College Registered User Posts: 558 Member
    ("she only got in because she's _hot_")
  • streetcredstreetcred Registered User Posts: 89 Junior Member
    edited May 2014
    No, all of you with a hatred (really envy ) toward the Asian community should be banned -I AM NOT the one who targeted the Asian Community saying they feel entitled to Ivies. Some people can't stand the truth - if an Asian child gets into an Ivy its because they deserve it... PLAIN AND SIMPLE you morons.. ... That point was obviously missed and arguing with you fools is not going to make you realize how dumb that notion is ...
  • picktailspicktails Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    edited May 2014
    We have never assumed anything about anyone in my family, except maybe being too sure that most people are kind and accepting of the differences in others. The juvenile name-calling and vitriol being spewed by streetcred has opened my eyes to the sad reality that I may live in a bubble.

    When I move my D into Penn this August, I will look at everyone else with respect, as one of the best universities in the world deemed them worthy. Black, white, asian, purple or green, I never judge a book by it's cover. All top tier institutions and people of high character have set the example and we are proud to be among them.
  • DuceandaquarterDuceandaquarter Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member
    No one said they don't deserve it, you are having some difficulties with reading comprehension. What we are saying is that each student who is accepted deserves it. Who are you to say that anyone doesn't? The issue is when students feel that they are entitled. Everyone has worked hard, some harder than others without the benefit of fancy SAT prep classes, no fancy ECs that their parents paid for, no pricey college counselors to package them just right for the admissions counselors to see, no expensive prep schools...etc.

    Many kids have accomplished great things without all of the benefits of a comfortable suburban life like our kids enjoy. They work, have very few resources, deal with many of societals ills(none of which are their fault ) all while working part time jobs, juggling school, ECs, community service AND doing amazing things. They command respect from those around them with their grace, poise & dignity. They don't look for pity, they just want a solid education.

    If things don't go their way, they don't sit and sulk about having things taken away. Why? Because they are accustomed to being told no, their lives are hard and oft times downright tragic....and they move past life's disappointments. Maybe we can all learn from them. Grace, poise & dignity.
  • DuceandaquarterDuceandaquarter Registered User Posts: 43 Junior Member

    How are @Picktails and @NewHavenCTmom‌ envious? Don't you realize that their daughters were accepted to the schools in which they applied? I think you are mistaken. There is no reason for them to be envious. I'm sure the last thing they are feeling is envy.
  • gtownhopeful2016gtownhopeful2016 Registered User Posts: 160 Junior Member
    @streetcred UH, I don't hate Asians or envy them, because they can't choose what race they're born in. You seem to be the only one making generalizations now and keep playing the victim. Not everyone on this thread believe Asians feel entitled to get accepted to any college, and it is obvious that they work hard just like everyone else to get accepted, I mean being any race doesn't give you a real advantage. Oh BTW if you want to see Asians behaving similar to those stereotypical roles you stated earlier, visit a town with a large Asian population like Los Angeles, and you will see teenagers of all races doing stupid things.
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