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Acceptance Shaming ("she only got in because she's _______")


Replies to: Acceptance Shaming ("she only got in because she's _______")

  • collegebound752collegebound752 Registered User Posts: 558 Member
    I agree, as the author of the HuffPost article.
  • TannerSmithTannerSmith Registered User Posts: 29 New Member
    edited May 2014
    Truth is some people only get in because of race. My school is filled with black, *cough* I mean "African Americans" that
    1) do not have leadership
    2) do not have athletics
    3) have decent grades but only because of easy classes
    4) have unbelievably low SAT/ACT scores (<29 or <2100)
    Yet all of those kids get into ivy league schools. There was one kid that made a 25 on his ACT and got into columbia so I was like **** no way, but then I checked Naviance and I'm like holy ****.

    I mean it is what it is. If those people were white or asian there's no way they'd get in. There's nothing I hate more than BS. I'm not going to say that they "deserve" to get into those schools.
  • GA2012MOMGA2012MOM Registered User Posts: 5,440 Senior Member
    Tanner, you are flat out racist. Shame on you.
  • MayihelpMayihelp Registered User Posts: 121 Junior Member
    It's very difficult to know the intimacies of someone's application. I always find it dangerous to make assumptions about what others are or are not doing in the admission process. By the way a 29 or a 2100 is not a low test score. Being on CC can skew your vision of academic success. This site seems so populated by high achieving families and students that we think a 35 or a 1550 is the standard test score of students who attend Elite universities. If you look at the common Data Set for Brown University which seems to be the middle ground Ivy League school it's 25/75 is a 29 to 34. Taking into consideration that it's Population of Black students is only 6 to 7 percent than there must be a decent amount of students who are not URM's that have testing at or below a 29. By the way your high school must be an exceptional place since the admittance rate of black students to the Ivy League in general is only slightly over 10 percent of those who apply with many cross admittances.
  • IxnayBobIxnayBob Registered User Posts: 4,337 Senior Member
    My DS is a completely unhooked kid. He left the local public school system after middle school. After he got into Yale, a lot of his prior cohort, remembering him from the 8th grade, reacted with incredulity ("how the heck did ____ get into Yale? What was his angle?"). A friend who had stayed a friend after 8th grade told those kids: "you haven't kept up ____, he's really grown and has become an accomplished kid."

    You know what they say about assumptions.
  • picktailspicktails Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    I took a look at other posts by Tanner. S/He piped up in another admissions thread about 35 ACT not getting in and made it about race. Not one other poster on 3 pages had made any mention of it.
  • momofboymidmamomofboymidma Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    edited May 2014
    I am new here to this thread - racism all around - against the Asian and Black communities. In the words of Rodney King "Can't we all just get along"?
  • TannerSmithTannerSmith Registered User Posts: 29 New Member
    edited May 2014
    How am I racist? If I'm racist, how isn't the colleges and Affirmative Action racist and discriminatory? If any of y'all go to a high school with a significant amount of African Americans applying to colleges you would know how crazy it is. So how am I racist? Do y'all think that a black applicant should receive a 300 point curve on the SAT? So that's not racist?

    The average SAT gap between asians and blacks in ivies is over 300 points.

    "lexandria Walton Radford, a black student with an otherwise similar application to a white student receives the equivalent of a 310-point bump in SAT scores."


    Anyways I hate it when people think anything that's offensive is not true. Is it so easy to just deny statistics and scientific research just because it does not fit with your ideal perceptions?
  • OHMomof2OHMomof2 Registered User Posts: 11,948 Senior Member
    What i hate is when people, especially with a whopping 10 posts on CC, think an SAT score is the only criteria that matters for college acceptance.
  • TannerSmithTannerSmith Registered User Posts: 29 New Member
    edited May 2014
    ^Exactly. Color is the most important criteria these days. If I was black I would have gotten into Yale or whatever. A black person with a 2350 SAT is almost unheard of.
  • streetcredstreetcred Registered User Posts: 89 Junior Member
    edited May 2014
    Be careful @TannerSmith you are likely likely being stalked by a couple of folks on here. I stopped arguing with these ignorant fools who blatantly make nonsense statements about the Asian community and their so called 'entitlement' . They don't like the truth. I just hope they are not teaching their children to look at the Asian community or any other race the same way they do.
  • lookingforwardlookingforward Registered User Posts: 29,998 Senior Member
    Yes, a few **** on this thread. Some people have a very narrow perspective. And insist they're correct.

    Street: you're the one keeping the Asian comments alive.
    And calling others morons or ignorant fools may make you think you win a point, but it's not TOS.
  • streetcredstreetcred Registered User Posts: 89 Junior Member
    edited May 2014
    Yes, I am because that is completely moronic and ignorant. I am not trying to win a point with anyone. It is obvious to me alot of people likely feel that way too or else they wouldn't be patting these other racists on the back like they do.
  • lookingforwardlookingforward Registered User Posts: 29,998 Senior Member
    edited May 2014
    You can't move on? It is your duty to educate the rest of the readers? You just won't let go until what? Not to mention, your experience is as a parent. You really don't know (nor does hs student, tanner,) what goes on.

    No one is patting "racists" on the back. Clearly, that is your fear. But it comes across as ****, inciting, inflammatory- and fixated.

    Go to the Race in College Admissions thread (so popular it's past ten versions.) There, you can vent to your heart's content.

    Calling others morons and ignorant fools is a clear violation of TOS. And not particularly nice of you. It makes no point, other than your own willingness to diss others. Think about it. You may want to ask yourself if your attitude is truly superior to those you find easy fault with.
  • MayihelpMayihelp Registered User Posts: 121 Junior Member
    The issue isn't that there are fewer blacks percentage wise with 35 s and 2300 s. The question is why which is much more of a social issue than an academic issue. The fact that this is an issue is fairly or unfairly (depending on which side of the coin you fall on) manifested in the fact that w the exception of native Americans, black students have the lowest percentage of enrollment on these elite college campuses. Universities however are aware and historically supported that test scores are not the best determinant of academic success and have been able to ferret out a process that has produced higher graduation rates for students of color on elite and Ivy League campuses in comparison to strong state universities and regional entities. Please also be aware that the story you hear of that 1200 sat or 27 act gaining admissions to these schools are the aberration not the norm. There are plenty of kids of color who have acts in the mid 30s or 2100 plus sats that are also denied admission to these schools in favor of someone who may have a lower test score but may be a better fit or presented a better picture for that institution.
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