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Low GPA but upward trend

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I am a current junior at a public school in Pennsylvania. By the time I apply to school my cum UW gpa will be right around a 3.0. Freshman year and Sophomore year I performed poorly and got mostly bs and a few C's. This year I have taken 3 more AP classes and will end with B's and a few A's however I spent the majority of my time studying for the SAT which is a 1380 and I am going for at least a 1400 in june. Next year I am taking 5 AP's and will be taking classes at the university of Delaware over the summer. I plan to maintain all A's next year and I am heavily involved in my community and have a ton of valuable EC's. What are my chances for the bigger east coast schools like Penn state, maryland, VT, Syracuse, FSU, South Carolina, UF and what other good reputation schools do I have a chance at?
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