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Will i still be accepted to college?

SunshinedaydreamSunshinedaydream 1 replies2 threads New Member
I am a very smart girl and have always done well in school. I have always taken all honors classes and I am very active in community service as well. I took high school credit algebra 1 and spanish in 8th grade and made A's in both. My freshman year i took all honors classes and made A's in everything except geometry, which i made a high B in second semester. During my sophomore year i took all honors classes again and made all A's except for my second semester of chemistry and algebra 2, which i made high B's in. I took all honors and an AP US history class my junior year, which will be over in a week. This year I had so much going on in my life, and I experienced a ton of family and personal problems and have NOT done well in school because i haven't been able to focus on it as much as i usually do. I made A's in my electives and English and high B's in physics. However, I made a low B in AP history and i high C in pre calculus first semester (math is obviously not my strongest and never has been). That was bad, but now, ending the year, I am failing my second semester of pre calculus and there is no way I can bring it up in a week. I have extra credits from 8th grade, so i have enough credits to graduate, but i am incredibly devastated about failing. I am so scared that no 4 year college will accept someone who failed a semester. What should i do? Please help me and give me guidance!

PS. My SAT scores are relatively good; 560 math 650 critical reading. On the ACT i got a 29 composite; 33 critical reading an 26(or something in that range) math.
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Replies to: Will i still be accepted to college?

  • SunshinedaydreamSunshinedaydream 1 replies2 threads New Member
    Does anybody know if colleges still accept people who failed a semester?
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  • Vertigo220hVertigo220h 815 replies99 threads Member
    Hi there. I got a D one semester of Algebra 2 Hon; I'm not sure my situation correlates to yours. I had extensive family problems at the time, and I explained this in the essay at the college I was accepted to.
    The downsides of getting a D (it's passing but it has still "marred" my transcript):
    1) I had to retake the first portion of the course, and I still got a B.
    2) My ego was hurt.
    3) I didn't make it into NHS (National Hon Society) that year & I just never reapplied.
    4) My GPA went down (though I still rounded out at a 3.9/4.0 in the end)
    ...but the truth is...3 years from now it won't matter . One poor grade for one semester will not hinder your chances at a 4-year institution. I did not apply to any ivy league institutions so I am not able to offer insight into that.
    Take this as a learning experience or a wake-up call. Apply yourself more next time. That's all. :)
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  • growingpainsgrowingpains 5 replies3 threads New Member
    well because it looks like your grades are decreasing you really should do well your senior year, and get real personal reccomendation letters. Unfortunately colleges don't ask why your grades decreased, nor do they care, they really want to know that you can be resilient. That may seem harsh, but it's the truth, my junior year i had so many deaths in my family and they were immediate family including my mom sis and cousin plus others, and other problems so I can relate to the hardships. Fortunately, even though I am from a very large school I created great relationships with teachers administrators and staff at my school so i recieved great letter of reccomendations and continued to pull my self upward my senior year. These colleges, including ivy league, want to see that you are dedicated and able to go through life and continue to progress. They'd like to make sure that they're investing time into someone who will make it worthwhile and will later invest time into them. I guess at the end of the day you are fine just continue to look up.
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