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Beind "accepted" without transffering

BlueZero113BlueZero113 11 replies5 postsRegistered User New Member
Hey guys,

I was wondering is it possible to attend and different university without “transferring”....i.e. I attend University A and was previously admitted to University B without going to request my transcripts from University A and sending them to University B and just apply to University B. I know I will be accepted to University B if I just apply as a first semester freshmen. Is this illegal, am I infringing on any laws by not letting University A know I am going to attend another college?

Why do I want to do this?--University A's Financial aid screwed me my second semester of my freshman year so I was unable to afford University A after my first semester. I can’t get my transcripts -- even though the grades are really good, but I intend to pay what I owe to get my transcripts after I complete a year at University B

Also I checked with University B and they would allow my to attend if I have "not" attended any previous University without even needing to re-apply--is there any law against what I am doing

Please help-- I just want to finish school and get a decent job
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  • UTPG1234UTPG1234 570 replies9 postsRegistered User Member
    If they find you were at another school and lied on your admission form you will probably be expelled from the new school.
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