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Cal State Fullerton: am i going to be rescinded?

flykid123flykid123 2 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
So basically, i have an overall grade 10-12 GPA of 3.2 and i was accepted to CSUF with the condition that I have to keep at least a 2.0 and if i get lower than a C, i have to notify the office of academic records. Well, at the end of this final semester, I will have a 3.0 but i am going to get a D in my science class. Will i get rescinded???
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Replies to: Cal State Fullerton: am i going to be rescinded?

  • mkapurmkapur 234 replies33 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    yep. sounds like it
    call them and say what's up they may help you, though it is kindof late...they advise you to call them as soon as you know you're going to get a grade below their cutoff. hope it works out!
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