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Want to go to Selective college.. Advice?

94Iowan1394Iowan13 26 replies14 threadsRegistered User Junior Member

I am a "rising sophomore" in a small town in Iowa. (Pop. 12,000. Class size approx. 200)

Here are some of my accomplishments/activities:


-Taken/am taking AP US Gov. and AP Comparative Politics through Northwestern's Center for Talent Development.


-Took 1 college class freshman year - American National Gov.

-By graduation, should take 5 AP's and a bunch of college classes bcuz my school pays for them. (Can only take on AP/year online at my school.)

-Took SAT and scored a 1770 this month. (640- Math, 600 - Reading, and 530-Writing.)

-In 8th grade, scored a 25 on ACT.


-Speech (Received division one rating at state for spontaneous speaking.)

-Konnections volunter group Treasurer freshman year.. VP Next year, hopefully. (Volunteer weekly at Chamber and periodically at local events)

-Future Problem Solvers. Competed at State Bowl. Taught myself the program because my school doesn't have it.

-Was interview for the "state of iowa youth advisory council" this month and will find out in the next week whether I made it. (Only 20 picked. Gives a voice to Iowa's youth.)

-Sophomore class VP.

-Am trying to get community churches to work together to start an after school program for Keokuk's elementary schoolers since the district's program was eliminated due to budget cuts.

Summer Activities:

-Blank Scholars Institute for Math Problem Solving after 8th grade. Awarded me a $2,000 scholarship to Iowa.
-National Scholars Institute this summer for the advanced leadership seminar.
-Hope to go to Princeton or Georgetown next summer for a program - either Junior Statesmen or CTY's "Global Issues for the 21st Century."

Financial situation:
-Both of my parents are remarried. I don't know how this works out on FASFA? '

I'm just making sure I'm not missing something. . . ?? (That would make me less appealing to admissions officers.)

I feel that most of what I do, I do enjoy and it is "me."

Well, thanks for your time.
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Replies to: Want to go to Selective college.. Advice?

  • gaginanggaginang 406 replies18 threadsRegistered User Member
    I think you could drastically improve your chances of getting into a selective university if you increase your SAT scores. Your location in Iowa may stand as "geographic diversity." So it may help you.

    In terms of your FAFSA, from my understanding, it's actually not how much time is spent with the parent, rather if s/he supports you financially...
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  • hahahahahhahahahah 1038 replies13 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    In terms of your FAFSA, from my understanding, it's actually not how much time is spent with the parent, rather if s/he supports you financially...
    keep in mind that the CSS Profile, required by many top schools, doesnt care if you spend time with them or not
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  • wildflowerwaltzwildflowerwaltz 98 replies29 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I agree with the earlier poster about raising your scores, but other than that, it looks solid. Make sure you have quality essays. The race & geographic diversity thing & the leadership wil give you a huge boost.
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