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I was young and did not take school too seriously and attended multiple institutions before really deciding what I wanted to pursue including, JSU, Gadsden State Community College and Oakwood University. Oakwood was a private school and my financial aid did not cover the entire cost. I left owing 5,000 because it was getting to expensive as the idea of racking up debt was loathsome to me. I owed this directly to the school as financial aid did not cover it. Later, I wanted to attend Calhoun Community College and finish up my Associate's. I knew a friend from Oakwood who worked in the main office and he gave me a free copy of my official transcripts but it was a one time deal. I got into Calhoun Community College and this time I finished and earned my Associates! I just became the first person in my family to graduate with any sort of degree. But now, I would like to earn my Bachelor's degree in Secondary education. I can easily get my transcripts from Calhoun which includes my transferred credits from Oakwood and the I can get all the other transcripts but I can't get the official transcripts again directly from Oakwood because...you guessed it...I still owe them the money. I've been working little minimum wage like jobs just to keep food in the mouths of my 4 children and a roof over our head. I won't be earning money to pay off this type of private debt until I finish school. Will my new school be satisfied with the set of transcripts that they will get from Calhoun. Calhoun has all my high school transcripts including all the transcripts of every school I've attended or will they insist on getting official transcripts directly from the various sources...including the one that I can't get. I hope that this will not hinder the progress that I've made now that I'm much older, wiser and taking school seriously. Is there anyone here that has relevant information to this issue. I would certainly appreciate it.
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