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BOCES - Wilson Tech

gglock08gglock08 251 replies45 threads Junior Member
Hi everyone. For those of you how don't know, I am 10th grade and am considering going to the academy. My High School offers a Wilson Tech program to students in 11th and 12th grade. I am going to talk to my guidance counselor next week for more info, but for now I wanted to post some questions here.

As of now I know almost nothing about this program. Does anyone know how these types of programs work? I believe I leave my school after 5th period and then take a bus to Wilson Tech or something like that. This program also integrates ELA, science, math, and gov't into the curriculum (so I guess I won't take these core classes in high school? Does this mean I will no longer be in AP classes, or do I still take core classes at the high school?).

Would a program like this look better to colleges or the ASAFA, or would it be a better idea to just stay like I am now in high school? Again, I'm not sure if this program is during or after school... But, it would give me one (or two, if I want) years of attending a college before I even graduate high school. And, the program teaches everything about piloting, and it is an actual flight school and students fly planes.

Sorry if I didn't provide enough info about this, but hopefully some people know about these programs. At CAP one of the members was telling me how BOCES is a really great program, but I am not sure if it's worth missing a half day of high school everyday.

Thanks everyone for your input.

-G. Glock
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  • falconhopeful06falconhopeful06 482 replies7 threads Member
    For anyone interested in flying, a program like that would seem amazing. I question though what you are giving up. If you can keep up a high level of academics (AP's strong in science and math) by all means go for it. If you can't keep that up I would be skeptical. The academy places academics highest on their admissions standards.

    There are other ways to fly on your own though. Check out your local FBO.
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  • gglock08gglock08 251 replies45 threads Junior Member
    Well I will be flying in CAP, and flying lessons are only $60 an hour through CAP.

    I researched some more about the program. I go to school the first half of the day, then I take a bus to Wilson Tech and spend 2.5 hours there. If I have a 5 period day, I can only fit my 4 core classes (ap physics is 2 periods, ap english is 1, ap us is 1, and math B is 1). I can eat lunch on the bus I guess. But then I would have to drop band and italian and electives.
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  • WestWest 75 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Best thing to do would be to get in contact with your ALO or just directly call the Academy itself. I'm sure we could do a great deal of speculation on here, but you can't beat asking one of these sources.
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