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Is this a decent CFA score? / What is?

andyrules247andyrules247 User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 18 New Member
I've read the pdf file at http://www.academyadmissions.com/admissions/preparation/physical_prep.php, but that didnt quite answer my questions about what a decent or good score is.

i'm not at all done training, but i think my current personal best at the events would be somewhere around:
BB Throw- 60
Pullups- 8
Shuttle- 8
Crunch- 60
Pushups- 45
Mile- 7:30

I know these numbers arent good, and are somewhere below average, but if my academics and other things are well above the average, does it hurt my chances too bad?
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Replies to: Is this a decent CFA score? / What is?

  • Guy4ChristGuy4Christ Registered User Posts: 594 Member
    You've done well enough to pass, which is the main thing. Admissions wise, you should be fine. But...to be honest, you will have an easier time in basic if you can pull up your pushups, pullups, and mile time before then. Try to aim for 10-12 pullups, 65-75 pushups, and a 6:30-6:00 minute mile and you'll be all right.

    Basically, it's too late to worry about admissions (unless you can take it again) so start working out and DONT STOP during your two/three weeks of summer before basic. It's not THAT hard in basic, but it really helps if you're in really good shape.
  • andyrules247andyrules247 User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 18 New Member
    yeah, i still have another year, i'm just a junior.

    But when they say it's a pass/fail test, do they mean two people that both passed, but one did better than the other on the CFA will both recieve the same amount of credit towards their application?
  • Z4CHHZ4CHH Registered User Posts: 211 Junior Member
    I am a sophomore and I am just starting preparing for CFA..gotta start small to build yourself up..here is what I do

    20 good push-ups
    20 good sit-ups

    Twice a day.

    I do this apart from my Tennis Practice to practice "small" for the CFA :D

    It is my start..and when summer comes around I will practice everything for the CFA..starting very small that is :P
  • hornetguyhornetguy Registered User Posts: 3,187 Senior Member
    You look good. Push-ups and sit-ups would be the ones to work on in my opinion. Pull-ups are great for adding mondo points, but pushups and situps are the pragmatic ones to work on.
  • andyrules247andyrules247 User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 18 New Member
    ok.. hornet guy do you know the answer to my previous question about when they say it's a pass/fail test will a really good passing applicant have a better chance at being admitted over someone who barely passed?
  • sipessipes Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    This is roughly where I'm currently at in my CFA training:
    BB throw: 60 feet
    Pullups: 8
    Shuttle: 9 seconds
    Crunches: 75
    Pushups: 63
    Mile: 6:15
    I'll be applying for the 2008 fall semester so ive still got quite a bit of time to train before I'm put to the test, but I've got a bad shoulder, so it makes the BB throw challenging. I currently do a light weight shoulder workout, I found on the internet, that is supposed to help strengthen and prevent shoulder injuries, but do any of you have any advice or tips when it comes to the bb throw? thanks
  • br2011br2011 Registered User Posts: 234 Junior Member
    work your core muscles. (abs, obliques)^^^
  • hornetguyhornetguy Registered User Posts: 3,187 Senior Member
    Sipes you're fine I'd say. My bball throw was the minimum. :) lol

    andy - I really can't say. Everyone is different and applications vary. For instance, I know of people that probably scored 20+ points what I did and were asked to retake where I wasn't. My personal opinion is that they are checking your stats in all areas to see if you will be able to handle the immense load at the academy. For instance, if you have low academics (compared to the norm) and low fitness, they may feel you would struggle to catch up vs being low in one and high on the other. But that's my opinion. Either case, don't give them any room for doubt. The CFA can't get you in, but it can keep you out.
  • raimiusraimius Registered User Posts: 2,360 Senior Member
    The more fit you are when you come here, the better...a lesson I learned too late! If you exceed the standard, you 1. have one less thing to worry about and 2. can get 5 extra passes per go (9 weeks).

    I realize that my academics and E.C.s probably overcame a low score for admissions. However, I now am on Recondo (mandatory workouts for people deficient in athletics) and am restricted to base. Don't put yourself through that, if at all possible.
  • Z4CHHZ4CHH Registered User Posts: 211 Junior Member
    Raimus what was your CFAs?
  • raimiusraimius Registered User Posts: 2,360 Senior Member
    I got 60ish? feet on the BBall throw, 48 push-ups, 95 sit-ups, 10.5? shuttle, 7:15 mile, and a measly 3 pull-ups.

    Heres the secret, the PFT is harder than the CFA and you don't get much rest in between events (45sec. max). So, even though I improved, I failed the PFT.
  • cdk0089cdk0089 Registered User Posts: 253 Junior Member
    Raimus, what are the passing goals required so one can get the extra 5 passes?
  • raimiusraimius Registered User Posts: 2,360 Senior Member
    You get extra passes for making merit lists. There are three lists, the Dean's, Commandant's, and Athletic Head's. To make a list, you need to have a 3.0 in that area (GPA, Military performance avg., or physical education avg.). I wound up on two merit lists and athletic probation (D'OH). You go on probation if you have less than a 2.0 in one area.

    You can also get 5 extra passes if your squadron does really well. There are usually opportunites to earn single passes for volunteering for various things.
  • redhead89redhead89 Registered User Posts: 722 Member
    The CFA is a pass/fail test, but it is based on a point system, so the better you do, the more points you get, and the better your application looks. But it's all relative. My CFA sucked royally and I didn't have to retake it, probably because my academics balanced it out. But I'm still working on all of the components of the CFA and I will continue to do so until BCT. Yay for pull ups! Finally got one in last week, and as soon as I could do one, I could do two! woop woop! Baby steps for me. :)
  • Z4CHHZ4CHH Registered User Posts: 211 Junior Member
    Good job redhead, you start small like me w00t!
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