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Some basic questions

melanie143melanie143 Registered User Posts: 24 New Member
Okay, so now we don't bring dental x-rays, right?

And if we set up an account at one of those local banks, will direct deposit be taken care of later (after arrival at AFA)?

I though there was an initial deposit to make, but can't find it now...?

The meds section was slightly confusing--like it depends on who looks at your Rxs, but if they take 'em, do they really not return prescriptions?? And for OTCs, is anything ok? (Vitamins?)

And this is a bit early, but how is that first break? When can we first leave? Do we actually get an entire weekend in Aug?
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Replies to: Some basic questions

  • PatriotCPMPatriotCPM Registered User Posts: 599 Member
    I can't remember the other stuff, but the first time you can leave is Parent's Weekend, the first weekend in September. Nobody really goes home then though, the first time you get to really go home is at Thanksgiving.
  • AFDAD2010AFDAD2010 Registered User Posts: 545 Member
    I'll answer the bank question. If you choose the Armed Forces bank, they will handle all the direct deposit paperwork for you. We did not need an initial deposit to open the account although you may want to put a little money in there for convenience. Not sure if the credit union works the same way.
  • raimiusraimius Registered User Posts: 2,360 Senior Member
    You will not need OTC medications. You are provided with some basics (i.e. cough drops etc), and anything else you need can be obtained through your Squadron Medical Officer (cadre) or the Cadet Clinic. I wouldn't worry about Rx medications. Just bring 'em if you need 'em.

    You can double check the direct deposit at Doolittle Hall. Armed Forces Bank will have a booth set up where all the club/organization stands are...BEFORE you go upstairs.

    Dooley day out is half way through BCT and last a few hours. Parent's Weekend is the first significant time you'll have off base.
  • melanie143melanie143 Registered User Posts: 24 New Member
    So where does Doolie Day Out take place?

    Sorry, but to clarify, going home to me means any sig time as my family is my host family in Denver. So, parents' weekend, could I ""go home"?

    When/what are other weekends like during the year?
  • melanie143melanie143 Registered User Posts: 24 New Member
    Oh, and forgot, thanks for everyone answering!!!! :)
  • hornetguyhornetguy Registered User Posts: 3,187 Senior Member
    You could go home to Denver parent's weekend. I went to Denver my parent's weekend.

    Doolie Day out will be at a sponsor house that USAFA assigns you, usually with one or two others.

    Most weekends 1st semester are silver meaning that there is training on Saturday morning/maybe afternoon. Since training is usually over by noon on Saturday, you can usually leave then. You will have 5 passes as a 4 dig every half semester. However, you have unlimited Sunday Sponsor passes, meaning you could go home pretty much every Sunday if you wanted, spend the weekend if you also use a basic pass unit.

    Blue weekends you could sign out from friday afternoon till sunday evening requiring 2 basic passes and a sunday sponsor pass. So, you will figure out the best schedule for you.
  • HNeedleHNeedle Registered User Posts: 841 Member
    but you only get 5 passes per semester... so going out for a whole weekend uses 2.. geez i dont think i'd do that much. lol but im sure there are weekends i'd just wanna get away
  • hornetguyhornetguy Registered User Posts: 3,187 Senior Member
    5 passes every HALF semester. 10 per semester total.

    Also keep in mind that the squad comm and AOC can give discretionary passes for good performance, community service, etc. in addition to basic pass units.
  • PatriotCPMPatriotCPM Registered User Posts: 599 Member
    On that note, also keep in mind that they can just as easily restrict you. My squadron was, for the most part, resricted pretty much the entire year. In fact, as a 4 degree, depending on squad of course, expect to be restricted for at least a few weekends per semester
  • HNeedleHNeedle Registered User Posts: 841 Member
    sorry, 5 passes every HALF semester :) 20 per year... so what causes squadron restrictions? you can be personally restricted for obvious reasons, but what bout the squadron?
  • hornetguyhornetguy Registered User Posts: 3,187 Senior Member
    knowledge tests, major screw-ups....again, depends on the squad. Mine was never restricted, others almost the entire time.

    Keep in mind as well, if you make a list second semester (dean's, athletics, comm's), then its another 5 passes per list per half-semester.
  • PatriotCPMPatriotCPM Registered User Posts: 599 Member
    20 extra for me!
  • Falcons '11Falcons '11 Registered User Posts: 624 Member
    Yeah, my 2-Degree Cadet escort for Orientation said he had something like that. I don't remember the exact number, but it was a lot. I think he said that the upperclassmen get some extra anyway, plus he had done something else too and recieved more passes.

    Can't Firsties get passes any Blue weekend and even get leave most week nights if they so choose? Thanks.
  • raimiusraimius Registered User Posts: 2,360 Senior Member
    You also get 5 extra passes per go (1/2 semester) if you made a merit list (GPA, MPA, or PEA 3.0 or higher).

    My squad was restricted for pretty much the entire time between Winter break and Recognition for poor knowledge scores...wing avg=65%?...our goal 85% haha--that never happened!
  • hornetguyhornetguy Registered User Posts: 3,187 Senior Member
    lol raimius, your situational awareness today astounds me (look at my next post up) ;)

    As you move up in class years, you pass packages increase.

    Firsties are allowed to sign out during the week, unless you're in first group of course.....
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