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quick question about chances

hwaitinghwaiting Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
I'm working on applying to the academy as soon as I recieve my SAT scores (like in 4 days) and I haven't participated in any athletics at my school at all. Would that decrease my chances of getting in? I have a pretty good academic record with a rigorous workload, and I have a decent excuse for not being able to do sports after school--I've had to help my mom with her smll child care business my entire life.
I may be able to do cross country this fall (senior year); will this help?
Thank you!
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Replies to: quick question about chances

  • PatriotCPMPatriotCPM Registered User Posts: 599 Member
    Do XC if you can. It most certainly helps to have something. But about the best advice I can give you is to not worry about your chances, you can never really know your true chances until you get your Appointment in the mail. I made the mistake of underestimating myself and not applying cause I didn't think I could get in, and then immediately realized how stupid that was, but it was already too late for that year so I was forced to go to a year of civilian college.

    Just send in your app, keep your grades high, and get into sports senior year. Good luck
  • hwaitinghwaiting Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    thank you so much for your reply!
    It's very encouraging =]
  • Falcons '11Falcons '11 Registered User Posts: 624 Member
    hwaiting, I was homeschooled (I graduated from HS already)and the only sports I participated in before my senior year was faith-league basketball. I played soccer last fall, and I played on a interfaith B-ball team this spring though, and my B-ball team has been undefeated for two years. I got an appointment, so I guess it was what they were looking for. Who knows, maybe being on a paintball team helped too. ;)

    If you are going to play any sports in the fall, make sure you let your adviser know, b/c they will consider spring sports in the selection process too. In the end, just get into a many sports as possible in the fall and in the spring, both for your application, but also to be as physically fit as possible. And like PatriotCMP said, apply even if you think you might not get in. As long as this is really where you want to go, and you are dedicated enough, you might have a shot at it. Good luck.
  • jlb11jlb11 Registered User Posts: 48 Junior Member
    and keep in mind that they really do look at the "whole person" aspect. just make sure you explain that the main reason you haven't played sports is that you've had to help your mom. and remember academics are always the most important thing, my ALO told me that i could've gotten in on my test scores alone. not that you should ignore athletics, but especially if you do well on your CFA and do XC this fall, you should be more than fine. but i can't recommend doing XC enough. i ran for 5 years, if anything can come close to teaching you how to push yourself beyond your limits, and to lay it all out there for your teammates, it's XC.
  • melanie143melanie143 Registered User Posts: 24 New Member
    Obviously you have doing your research as you have found CC!!
    And you are on the right track with rigorous studies and hopefully stellar SATs! (Fingers crossed)

    As aforementioned about the "whole person" and having other things going for you besides athletics, it's about doing your best in all that you do!
    Make sure in you app & interviews that you stress all the responsibilities you have undertaken with this job, how important it is to help out your "team" (mom, co-workers), and how you've improved (maybe a raise, awards, happy customers?). This isn't a huge portion of the application, so "Make it work!" :D

    And of course, I too can't say enough about XC! I only did it a couple of years, and now it's harder because I stopped for so long. It's one of the most challenging and rewarding things I did physically, socially, and mentally! If you can't, make sure to really hit the gym and run in your free time to get that CFA score.

    Congrats on your hard work, apply!!, and continue doing your best! Good luck!
  • sandiegogirl9999sandiegogirl9999 Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    I'm also planning on doing cross country in the fall. I know that it will get us in good shape and hopefully add to our chances of getting accepted!
  • Guy4ChristGuy4Christ Registered User Posts: 594 Member
    Just in case you want a bit more encouragement, I did very little sports in high school and got in no problems...it's not huge on the list. It's more important that you can show that you are involved in your community and in good athletic shape.
  • RTBdadRTBdad Registered User Posts: 274 Junior Member
    You might look for a summer sport such as a community swim team. That's all my son did in the way of sports because his tiny school didn't have any athletics. His CFA was acceptable, but not great. He received one of the first LOA's for the class of 2010. Just be sure to show the academy that you are making the best possible use of the opportunities available to you. Best wishes!
  • hornetguyhornetguy Registered User Posts: 3,187 Senior Member
    PSS I had NO school sports ever. I did Taekwondo for 8 years with competing, judging, etc.
  • hwaitinghwaiting Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone!!!
    I'm so glad I decided to come to cc for advice...all of the replies have been extremely useful and very encouraging. I'm going to try swimming this summer and XC this fall, and work towards great CFA scores.
    I'll definitely come back to everyone here for more advice as I get further into the application process!
    Thank you again!
  • zachogdenzachogden Registered User Posts: 334 Member
    hwaiting -

    If you haven't already, complete the pre-candidate questionnaire. You can find it somewhere in the depths of academyadmissions.com, which you will be visiting quite a bit in the coming months. The PCQ basically just asks you for some personal info (address, SSN, name, etc) as well as your approx. class standing and GPA. This will officially open your file at USAFA and let them know you're interested in applying. Note that this isn't like a typical college app... you're just informing them of your interest and giving them so basic information about yourself. Hope that helps.
  • Falcons '11Falcons '11 Registered User Posts: 624 Member
    If you applied to Summer Seminar, you don't need to do the Pre-candidate questionnaire. Your SS application gives them the same info and lets them know you're interested.
  • hwaitinghwaiting Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    I didn't decide to apply until last winter and unfortunately I didn't think too much about looking on the website until recently--and so I didn't know that we could apply so soon.
    I started the questionnaire, but I wanted to wait until I recieved my SAT scores (which I will in approximately 8 hours!!!...I'm a bit anxious). So tomorrow, I will be completeing my questionnaire. =]
  • hwaitinghwaiting Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    I recieved my SAT scores today and they are absolutely disasterous.
    Of all the practice tests I have taken, I have never done so poorly. I usually score in the 650-720 range on all three sections, but this time I scored:
    550 reading
    590 math
    550 writing (9 on essay)
    I have no idea how I did so poorly--I felt pretty good about it afterwards, except I messed up on the bubbling in the last section of the test.
    Comparing these scores with the average scores on the site, I don't think I'll be deemed competitive. Also, I just submitted my precandidate questionnaire, which perhaps I should have waited until October when I retake them. What should I do now?
  • Z-Man 07Z-Man 07 Registered User Posts: 130 Junior Member
    The great thing about the "Average scores" is that they're just that, averages, some people do better, others don't. Don't get discouraged. Keep taking it a few times because the academy will take your highest individual scores of each section from each test. For me, I got a prep book which helped a little too. Also I would say to take the ACT a few times too. Some people do better on the ACT than the SAT and vice versa, for me I did just about the same on each one, however the prep book did help my ACT math score. Don't get discouraged, the scores alone won't determine your acceptance, keep in mind the 'whole person' idea of the academy. Keep workin hard and good luck.
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