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five college consortium

danashudanashu 133 replies21 threads Junior Member
edited November 2005 in Amherst College
Hello to any current Amherst student:

I am interested to know if Amherst students actively take advantage of both courses and social activities at the surrounding schools. One of the many reasons I am interested in Amherst is the consortium. How easy is it to get to those schools at night? If one of the schools has a concert etc does Amherst have shuttle buses taking and returning at end of event? Does the consortium have a web site that announces lectures, concerts etc? Thanks for your response. Dana
edited November 2005
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Replies to: five college consortium

  • danashudanashu 133 replies21 threads Junior Member
    hey all of you Amherst students could you please respond to this thread as I am very interested to hear from someone about this aspect of your school. It is one of the benefits that they spoke about when I was at the school this summer. I wanted to know if the hype met the reality. Thanks, danashu
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  • allaboutlivingallaboutliving 75 replies3 threads Junior Member
    ditto that, i'd like to hear some responses too... the consortium is a big part of the attraction so it would be good to hear if it plays that big a part in student's lives...
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  • evitajr1evitajr1 926 replies17 threads Member
    Tough time to get any responses from the students. The big game was today and it was away, and as usual before a holiday, the students are swamped with papers, studying for tests, etc. so there won't be any work during the holiday. However, I can tell you that my D has a couple Holyoke students in her classes. There are limitations on how many you can take per semester and the kids would be better at answering that. I know my D rides the bus for free merely by showing her ID. It makes the rounds to all the colleges.
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  • TheDadTheDad ! 9905 replies323 threads Senior Member
    Consortium a big part? No. Adding spice to the academic and social offerings? Yes.

    Fwiw, Smith is the biggest net importer of students among the Five Colleges.
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  • BJM8BJM8 1220 replies59 threads Senior Member
    I would think just for their dance programs, which are spectacular!
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  • jeffs08jeffs08 21 replies0 threads New Member
    the consortium is a great element of the Amherst experience both socially and academically. every weekend students from the five colleges--especially smith and mhc--come to Amherst for parties, and Amherst students go to the other colleges for parties too, but also for events, speakers, etc. The bus system is convenient--it stops at all the colleges and runs until 2 a.m. on weekends. five college events are publicized on the daily jolt, which is a popular website that is a sort of online hub for Amherst's social life. From the perspective of academics, somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of Amherst students take a course at one of the other colleges in the consortium at some point in their four years, and among those students, the vast majority take at least 2-3 courses on the consortium campuses. i am planning to take a class at smith next semester. course offerings at the other colleges can be very helpful, particularly in filling in areas that our departments may not cover quite as well.
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  • sara306sara306 433 replies33 threads Member
    Smith has alot of programs that are better than Amhersts such as dance and italian...I think there are a few more too. But the bus system is def convenient (the hours are great and they go late for partying and other purposes) and its nice to go to another school for change. I go to smith, so this really isnt an amherst opinion but hope it helps! go to www.fivecolleges.edu for more info.
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  • allureNY86allureNY86 652 replies17 threads Member
    Yep, this is currently a crazy week. (Why am I procrastinating? I need to go write a paper and read three acts of Much Ado About Nothing by tomorrow.)

    Students do take advantage of the 5 college consortium, which is a really nice thing. There's a UMass girl in my Psych class. I have a senior friend who's taking courses at UMass and Smith.
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