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Amherst vs Pomona

kidwquestionskidwquestions 2 replies1 threads New Member
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So my decision has come down to these two schools. They are similar in many regards (5 college consortium, size, etc.) Obviously the biggest difference is the geographical location, but I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about differences other than that (ie. feel of the student body, courses offered, etc.) Thanks!
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Replies to: Amherst vs Pomona

  • OldbatesieDocOldbatesieDoc 2020 replies39 threads Senior Member
    Earnest well-meaning(and well-connected) preppies vs. intellectually interested Californians and other upstarts.
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  • johnwesleyjohnwesley 4473 replies137 threads- Senior Member
    The Claremont colleges are essentially one big university with separate facilities a few blocks from each other, all of which consider themselves liberal arts colleges to varying degrees. Rumor also has it that the research opportunities are not as great as one might assume from seeing so many students and faculty interacting on a daily basis. Very different feel from the Pioneer Valley.
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  • Anonymous91Anonymous91 968 replies40 threads Senior Member
    I faced the same decision (once accepted to both), a few years ago. There are lots of threads on Amherst vs Pomona that would be helpful for you to look up.
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  • Anonymous315Anonymous315 101 replies2 threads Junior Member
    One of my best friends chose Amherst over Pomona, and she'd be the first to tell you it was an amazing decision.
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  • Anonymous91Anonymous91 968 replies40 threads Senior Member
    I do not know where johnwesley got his information regarding research opportunities at Pomona. Several friends of mine stay over the summer to do research with professors.
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