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Questions about Amherst profile?

batfanbatfan 761 replies135 threads Member
edited January 2012 in Amherst College
I have a few questions about the Amherst portal.

1) PROFILE: It says "Non-Hispanic/Latino" for the Ethnicity field. I'm Asian, which is noted under "Race." Isn't Asian an ethnicity too?

2) MY DOCUMENTS (Application Status): My test scores aren't marked as received yet, even though they were sent officially in mid-December. Should I wait for this to be updated (if so, how long) or send them an email asap?
edited January 2012
2 replies
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Replies to: Questions about Amherst profile?

  • adfinem6adfinem6 5 replies1 threads New Member
    1) PROFILE: I’m Asian, too, and I also discovered a similar Non-Hispanic/Latino marker on my profile. To my knowledge, they only ask that on the application to separate the Hispanic/Latino applicants from the rest of the pool (i.e. Caucasians, Asians, etc.) for research purposes. That way, someone who is, for instance, three-quarters white and one-quarter Hispanic/Latino will still be identified as such. I wouldn’t worry about it too much (note: I was an ED acceptee :) )

    2) DOCUMENTS: If you go on Amherst’s website and look under Admissions, it says they’re closed from December 24th to January 22nd. Here’s the link on the special office hours:
    Also, keep in mind that this timeframe is probably the busiest time of the year for them, with applicants flooding the office with last-minute apps, transcripts, test scores, and other documents that they have to manually/electronically sort out—I would give them maybe until early February to have everything relatively checked in. If your document status still says “Not Received” past mid-February, then I would start becoming concerned.

    Bottom line: Everything sounds normal! There’s nothing to worry about, from what I can see. Good luck! :)
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  • batfanbatfan 761 replies135 threads Member
    Thanks so much! Whew, haha.
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