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What are the attributes Amherst is seeking in a Undergraduate Freshman

JAIPRAWARJAIPRAWAR 0 replies2 threads New Member
My son is applying for Amherst. He is doing his IB in Grade 12 from India . He is keen on Amherst (who wouldn't be ????) and is in the final stages of applying through common app

Would like to know the attributes Amherst is looking for from an Undergrad Student?
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Replies to: What are the attributes Amherst is seeking in a Undergraduate Freshman

  • RayMantaRayManta 218 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I suggest you look closely at their web site. There is a lot of important information describing what they are looking for, if you look closely. For example:

    "Amherst students are passionate. They’re engaged. They’re from all over the world. And they share an excitement for life in and out of the classroom.

    Our 1,800 students are from 48 states and more than 50 countries. Each brings a unique combination of background, intellect, talent and experience. Whether from nearby towns or faraway countries, Amherst students will change the way you learn and think.

    Amherst students inhabit many worlds -- academic, artistic, athletic, political, social and much, much more. Many of their interest overlap and intersect. It's typical at Amherst to meet an English major who’s fascinated by physics. Or a basketball player who loves philosophy. Or a computer whiz who plays saxophone and flute and has decided to try piano."

    To me, that last paragraph provides a pretty good blueprint of how to present yourself. Good luck!
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  • mmmyaisinusemmmyaisinuse 8 replies1 threads New Member
    I have two kids going to Amherst; 1 sophomore, and another recently accepted. The kids cannot be any more different. One is all STEM/Pre-med, the other Writing/Creative. Both have very similar grades and ECs - music, volunteering etc.

    While we will never know why they were accepted, we think one key thing was the way they exhibited qualities of 'Terras Irradient' - The Amherst motto. How has your child 'brought light to this world', and how will your child continue to 'bring light to this world; at school and after he graduates'?

    Since I am assuming your child is RDing to Amherst, I would also recommend showing some serious interest and commitment to the school. Amherst knows that students applying are also applying to other top schools. Like any other school, it will be thinking about yield...why accept someone that will obviously choose Yale? Demonstrated interest is what might push him/her over the edge.

    Best of luck.
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  • CupCakeMuffinsCupCakeMuffins 1050 replies98 threads Senior Member
    I think intellect, athletics and social service are important. Mine was accepted but didn’t attend because he didn’t like cost, seclusion and athlete/non athlete divide. It’s a great school if you get it at a good value with enough aid or if money is no concern.
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