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Overview: May 1

AdvcompAdvcomp 11 replies5 threads New Member
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I'm trying to make a final college decision before May 1, and somehow, I'm not really getting anywhere. I was wondering if anyone could just give me an overview of the experience at Amherst? Is the jock culture overwhelming? Does the social life rely on drinking? How intense are academics? What are the strongest majors? How are the people? Are they diverse? Does Amherst feel small? And how difficult is it to find a job afterwards?

Right now, my situation is: UChicago, Amherst, Rice.

Because of money and size, it's down to Amherst and Rice. At Rice, I pay 8100 a year, no loans. At Amherst, I pay 22000 a year, no loans. It would be significantly easier to pay for Rice, but I like the majors and location of Amherst better. So it's a tough call.
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  • CatfishCatfish 717 replies8 threads Member
    I wouldn't say there is a really a "jock culture", although there are plenty of athletes. I've never played an organized sport in my life and despise the jock stereotype and I love it here.

    I wouldn't say the social life relies on drinking, although that is certainly a significant component for those who want it. There's plenty of things to do otherwise.

    I think the academics strike a very good balance workload wise. There's plenty of work, but (until finals time at least), you never feel like work is all you ever do.

    I'll try to get to your other questions later.
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