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ECONOMICS @ Amherst???

UmangaUmanga 46 replies12 threads Junior Member
edited December 2008 in Amherst College
i know that Economics @ Amherst is top-rated!!!

but i would like to know more about the department,professors, on-campus recruitment and other facilities provided. i would really like to hear from some econ major. thanks
edited December 2008
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Replies to: ECONOMICS @ Amherst???

  • Seachai86442Seachai86442 - 772 replies123 threads Member
    Remember, this is not a Business school. It's a Liberal Arts and Science school. You may want to consider schools like Baruch College, NYU Stern, or Wharton (You may not stand a solid chance even as an A student) instead.
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  • kwukwu 4743 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Economics is Economics: business is business.

    If you're implying how difficult or even undesirable it may be to go into business/finance with solely a B.A. in Econ, given the disastrous state of our economy, you are right. However, that's irrelevant to whether or not Amherst has an excellent Econ department and program: which it does.

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  • Seachai86442Seachai86442 - 772 replies123 threads Member
    They're equivalent. Business schools have prestigious programs on economy, finance, and mortgaging that are besieged by those student.

    Sure, Amherst is good for Economics, but it can't compete with the Liberal Arts and Philosophy programs such as Psychology.
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  • ejr1ejr1 1119 replies9 threads Senior Member
    I don't know about that, because one of the profs was voted best econ prof in the nation a couple years ago, and it has a national reputation.
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  • UmangaUmanga 46 replies12 threads Junior Member
    jst a random thgt---

    i plan to have a career in business field, so will it any way harm my chances if i do economics in LAC rather than specific Business school??
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  • Seachai86442Seachai86442 - 772 replies123 threads Member
    Not everyone can answer that for you further. You're going to have to call the admission officer at Amherst and ask them what the retention rate for Economics and Business is. But if what KWU says is true, just double check it to make sure. Email some current students at Amherst College.

    Just make sure you don't aim for UPenn's Wharton unless if your HS average is a 96ish with tons of ECs and above average SAT scores. But who knows.. if your average is below that, give it a shot even if you think you can't get in depending on how well you write your essay.
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  • CatfishCatfish 717 replies8 threads Member
    I'm one of those current students seachai is talking about and I can tell you that Amherst does very well with recruitment from top companies. McKinsey, Bain, Goldman Sachs, et al. each recruit on campus and hire quite a few Amherst seniors every year. We're on par with the Ivies as far as that goes. Obviously the economy going up in smoke will hurt recruitment, but Amherst won't fare any worse than its peers in that regard.

    Also remember that a few years after graduation, where you did your undergrad becomes mostly irrelevant (even sooner if you've gone on to grad school). At that point it's what you've done since graduation that matters. The biggest short term boost you'll get from going to Amherst or an institution of similar caliber is a better shot at jobs with the McKinseys and Goldmans of the world. I'm not familiar with Wharton/Stern/etc., but I imagine they will give you the same level of opportunities immediately after graduation.
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  • Seachai86442Seachai86442 - 772 replies123 threads Member
    Can you please tell me what kind of essays Amherst likes to read and approve?
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  • JML98JML98 47 replies0 threads Junior Member
    it depends what area of business you want to work in.

    if its in finance, hands down it's wharton. firms openly laud the students and information sessions.

    a deutsche bank recruiter said "Wharton is the first and in many cases the only place that Wall Street comes to" to us during a information session.

    it's not just the coursework, it's the competition within the school that really gets kids prepped for those 15 hours days at the office.

    haas (UC berkeley) is better for entrepreneurship. sloan (MIT) is quantitative based stuff (if you want to work at Citadel, go there).

    i dont know as much about ECON as much as business, but amherst, stanford, etc..you should be fine whatever you do
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  • Seachai86442Seachai86442 - 772 replies123 threads Member
    You do understand that alot of As and A+ students get rejected to Wharton and MIT right?
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