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Please Help Me!!!

Samherst10Samherst10 28 replies19 threads Junior Member
edited August 2005 in Amherst College
i am a senior and i have no idea where i can get in with my stats. here they are:

-about 1320 on the sat (2010 on new one)
-captain of varsity sport for couple years
-involved in 2 varsity sports all 4 years
-200 miscellaneous volunteer hours
-top 20% at competitive private school
-founder and president of minority awareness club (though i am upper-middle class, non-URM)
-latin club
-several athletic meets with OK placement

i am looking at wake forest, cornell, tufts, BC, emory, amherst, nyu, BU, and UTaustin
edited August 2005
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Replies to: Please Help Me!!!

  • amherst08amherst08 61 replies2 threads Junior Member
    amherst- big reach
    cornell-semi-reach if you apply to the state schools
    wake forest, tufts, emory, nyu, ut austin- matches
    BC,BU- safeties

    i'd retake the sat if you have a chance. try to get at least a 1400/2100. they usually only count your highest score, and october is still early enough even for early decision.
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  • jessiehopperjessiehopper 18 replies1 threads New Member
    bumpity bump bump
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  • Cre8tive1Cre8tive1 1289 replies53 threads Senior Member
    I agree except, BC is not a safety, don't fool him. And Cornell is a bigger reach for him than Amherst.
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  • amherst08amherst08 61 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Cornell is so not a bigger reach for him than Amherst. That school is such a piece of cake to get into because they have more slots. Cornell is also more numbers driven; if you have stats, you're in. At Amherst, it's not enough to have the stats; you need that extra something. Here, it's almost a given that you got into Cornell if you applied, but the same doesn't work the other way around. While Arts and Sciences is harder than the others, their admissions still doesn't compare to Amherst's.
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  • j2k5j2k5 31 replies17 threads Junior Member
    true that. -- '09
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  • allureNY86allureNY86 652 replies17 threads Member
    I agree. Cornell accepts people at the same rate as SUNY Purchase (33% or so).
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  • sr6622sr6622 3046 replies77 threads Senior Member
    Are you in New York? Cornell will be easier to get into if you are from NY. (correct me if im wrong) Also, I think NY residents pay lower tuition.
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  • GreenDayFanGreenDayFan 3759 replies168 threads Senior Member
    yeah, as has been previously stated, BC is not a safety at all, it is a reach if anything. And Amherst (19%) is much tougher to get accepted to than Cornell (31%?). But allure, I wouldnt go so far as to say that Cornell has the same admissions standards as SUNY-Purchase. While their acceptance rate may be similar, their admissions standards are much more rigorous and they have a much higher SAT average and GPA (for incoming freshman). Samherst: I would say Amherst, Cornell, Tufts, BC, NYU, and Emory are reaches. BU and Wake Forest are match-safeties. UT-Austin would probably be a safety. Good Luck.
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