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Poor Guy's Chances

supernal_beingsupernal_being 96 replies21 threads Junior Member
edited December 2004 in Amherst College
Hello all that are willing to help me :P

I'm and international student (Indian citizen living in Venezuela) that is considering applying, but I need to know whether I stand a good chance or not. Here are some quick numbers:
SAT: 1410 (690 Math & 720 Verbal)
SAT IIs (Retaking): Math IIC - 700, Writing - 640, and Physics - 640
GPA: 3.34 on a 4.0 scale
Rank: Approx. top 20%

Oh, and here is just some side info:
- Doing full IB with 4 Higher Level courses.
- Go to an American International School in Caracas, Venezuela.
- Can only pay about $6000 per year.
- Need A LOT of financial-aid.

If I can't get into this college, could you suggest places where I could get in? And also, if it's not too much trouble, a few places that would quite possibly offer me a merit award and need-based aid? Thank you very much for those who help me out! It's very much appreciated, and if anyone needs help, please free to ask me.

~Abhishek Kumar

PS: If you want me to post my ECs and awards, tell me, and I'll do so.
edited December 2004
9 replies
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Replies to: Poor Guy's Chances

  • cncmcncm 172 replies9 threads Junior Member
    if you need aid, u should apply to Williams. It's similar to Amherst, but is need-blind to all international students. This means they look at you solely based on your academic merits without worrying about your ability to pay their tuition. Amherst, however, is NOT need-blind to its international students. Therefore, you'd have a lesser chance of getting in. Your stats aren't too bad, though i'd try to raised those SAT IIs. Also, your class rank is a little on the low side. Amherst usually takes ppl in the top10% of their class.

    All the best on your application. :)
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  • supernal_beingsupernal_being 96 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Thank you very much, good sir! I appreciate your input. All right then, change of plans: Apply to Williams instead :P Haha. Oh well, I was vacillating between these two schools anyways. And true, must raise those SAT IIs. I'm retaking them in about two weeks, and am confident that I'll get at least 750+ on the Math and Writing; the Physics, however, I'm not so sure about, but we'll see.
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  • jessiehopperjessiehopper 18 replies1 threads New Member
    I would just apply to both. I'm sure if you get into Amherst, they'll give you a good package.
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  • kimfugekimfuge 776 replies59 threads Member
    why is this board so dead?
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  • TheDadTheDad ! 9905 replies323 threads Senior Member
    I think it may take time for traffic to re-build. I don't know how many people didn't come over after CC changed from the old board.
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  • beechling87beechling87 116 replies8 threads Junior Member
    supernal_ don't stress about your sat's b/c liberal arts schools place a much bigger emphasis on personality. so focus on essays and teacher recs. also, have you looked at tufts or nyu? they love international students. i don't know about financial aid though for those 2.
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  • TheDadTheDad ! 9905 replies323 threads Senior Member
    Wow, is that ever bad advice. Yes, about a quarter of Amherst's admittees have SAT's under 1320...take out the athletes and the URM's and see what percentage is left and what percentage *that* is of the students applying. If you have average stats, you have far worse than avearge odds of getting in. Stats usually won't get you admitted, though there's usually some *all stats* admittees in every class, but they put you into the pool of possibilities, which is where EC's, recs, etc. then come heavily into play.
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  • sempitern555sempitern555 - 3200 replies150 threads Senior Member
    Don't let anyone discourage you. The only way you can see if you have a chance is if you apply.
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  • TheDadTheDad ! 9905 replies323 threads Senior Member
    True, but one should be clear-eyed about one's chances. The stats-don't-matter line has been proved demonstrably false, year after year. Other things matter, too, but the lower your stats, the greater the other things must be...and before you go off thinking how great you are, it might be a good idea to get an idea of what your competition looks like.
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