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Your Teachers

laxxxbrolaxxxbro 67 replies15 threads Junior Member
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So i cant be the only one who has that one teacher that is lazy/doesn't teach well,or at all. My APES teacher is just killing me. He has not taught us anything nor have we even cracked the book open yet. All we do is come in and do these random packets he finds online from other teachers, or watch these random videos on various subjects and then we spend five minutes discussing what we found "intriguing" about the video. And we have random pop tests and frqs that count 70% of our overall grade. I have basically had to teach myself everything and after talking to other classmates, we feel we have learned nothing from our teacher..and it is almost November. ****.

so what horror stories do you have about your teacher(s)?
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  • dchau503dchau503 248 replies63 threads Member
    My AP lit. teacher taught us few things in the class. We waste 15 minutes everyday doing "good things" where we talk about what positive experiences happened to us recently and after each good thing we clap. We also spend time playing games (and I mean stupid games involving throwing a tennis ball at each other while calling out our nicknames). She did give us a vocabulary list of lit. terms at the beginning of the year though, but that was all she gave us that was of value. Oh yeah and she spent the entire second semester on Shakespeare, thinking that it would appear on the AP exam. It didn't.
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  • OverideOveride 197 replies6 threads Junior Member
    My APES teacher is the exact same.

    Even worse is that my APES teacher is the science board chairman for my school, and thus he pretty much singlehandedly chooses what AP science classes we have. We're limited to two AP sciences, and guess which two they are? AP Environmental and AP Biology, both of which he is the sole teacher for.
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  • mada34mada34 130 replies23 threads Junior Member
    I'm pretty sure that all AP English teachers are insane.

    My Lit teacher last year must be a clone of dchau503's... Every day we'd come into class and gather around the "electronic campfire" (aka the SmartBoard projector). We'd then have someone read a modern poem projected on the screen out loud, and then sit in a circle and think about it in silence for 20 minutes. The poems were bad. I mean BAD. One was about grilled cheese. I wish I made this up.

    For the first three months of the school year, we did an "identity" unit, where we researched our family tree and talked about what made us special. This mostly involved our (openly gay) teacher telling us about his life and struggling with sexuality, realizing that he liked fashion, working at Bloomingdales, then quitting to become a teacher. After that, we spent three weeks learning about Puritans. Why? I dunno. It was supposed to be an "in depth introduction to the Scarlet Letter."

    All in all, we read three books (well, I read one and a half), but I somehow managed to get a 5 on the exam, laughing the whole way through.

    Also, in my AP Calc AB class, we've been playing Jeopardy for the first 15ish minutes of class every day from an iPhone app that my teacher has. And, instead of teaching us, he has us do our homework in class. We get no homework, but we don't learn anything. Fun stuff!
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