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AP: too much??

MellamorediateMellamorediate 2 replies2 threads New Member
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I am currently taking AP US history right now, and eventhough I have an A in that class, I am scared to death of taking on FOUR AP classes next year. I don't really have a choice. My school offers AP Calculus BC for people who took Algebra in the 7th grade, but I didn't take it so I am worried that if I don't take other AP classes, then my class rank will plummet. However, I am so nervous that I will fail the courses!! I am thinking of taking AP Spanish and AP statistics, or AP spanish and AP bio. Advice??

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Replies to: AP: too much??

  • cricket123cricket123 1015 replies68 threads Senior Member
    What subjects are you interested in? Do you know what you would like to major in?
    I took AP Bio last year and am currently taking AP Stats. Both classes are pretty difficult...
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  • MellamorediateMellamorediate 2 replies2 threads New Member
    I have never had anything less than an A in any science classes, but I wouldn't want to Major in it, perhaos journalism?
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  • kamnn1kamnn1 166 replies6 threads Junior Member
    You can it, take all 4 APs. It will just be more work and less free time.
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  • KalanovKalanov 34 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I haven't taken less than four AP classes since Freshman year... I think you'll manage.
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  • bobtheboybobtheboy 2132 replies84 threads Senior Member
    AP statistics is easy, and biology and spanish are on the easier side of medium. What is the fourth course?
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  • LamashtuLamashtu 4 replies3 threads New Member
    I think it is ridiculous how anyone can tell you how some ap class is 'easy' or 'hard'; those words are personal evaluations.It's just like trying to somehow have someone else describe to me their pain level. Just decide for yourself!
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  • cheerioswithmilkcheerioswithmilk 921 replies27 threads Member
    The difficulty of AP classes varies enormously from school to school, largely because of variations in teachers. However, from my experience with AP stats and bio (both of which I'm taking right now), I'll try and give some advice...

    AP Bio, in my opinion, is largely a "textbook" class where mastering the concepts and reading the book over and over again is the key. The concepts and content, I will say, are fairly advanced and difficult to understand. However, if you utilize all resources, such as prep books (I recommend Barron's), Khan Academy, and of course, the internet, you'll be fine.

    AP stats, at least at my school, is rather detail oriented. Understanding the concept is not enough. Being able to show all work, labeling the graphs, and other small details like those are what's important.

    However, the variations from school to school is enormous. I would advise talking to people at your school who have taken those classes for more accurate information, rather than the broad help I'm giving.
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  • hkobb7hkobb7 171 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Four AP classes isn't a big deal at all. AP Biology has a massive amount of content, but none of it is mind-achingly difficult, like Calc BC is reputed to be. AP Statistics, in spite of its often detail-oriented nature, also deals in very easy concepts. AP Statistics, though, is not a math class, no matter what anybody tells you; it is the intersection of mathematics and English, where neither is fairly advanced (at least at an AP level).

    EDIT: As I recall, the College Board is changing the AP Biology curriculum radically for next year, with a narrower spectrum of information that will be tested.
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