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Why can't we see AP scores yet?

DiscipulusBonusDiscipulusBonus 820 replies181 threads Senior Member
Since incoming college freshman can already see their May AP exam scores, it sounds like the AP folks have already finished grading the exams. If this is true, why can't high school students view their AP exam scores now?
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Replies to: Why can't we see AP scores yet?

  • TheMizuTheMizu 129 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Well, College Board gives scores to colleges first for freshmen placement purposes mostly, so entering freshmen like myself get to see their scores earlier (via our college portal-- not through the AP site). We need them as early as possible so we can schedule the appropriate coursework. CB also might still be scoring late exams, etc., so they probably plan to release them at a time where almost everyone can get their score(s). If you are not entering college this fall, you have no immediate need to see your scores (I am assuming that is what College Board thinks).
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  • jimmyboy23jimmyboy23 588 replies20 threads Member
    The late exams is the most important part. They're still scoring those.
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