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Self Studying

blakethesnowflakblakethesnowflak 0 replies2 threads New Member
Hi, i was curious if it was recommended that i self study human geography this year. this year I am enrolled in 5 AP classes (AP environmental, AP lit, AP stat, AP psych, an APUSH) i currently have all A's and haven't put much (if any) stress into them but i was curious if you think it would be overwhelming to take 6 AP exams in one year, I've taken 3 AP exams already and my lowest score was a 3. if you think its not a good idea i can just wait till next year and take it then but based on trends with my motivation i may not have enough (motivation) senior year so please factor that into your decision, thanks for the help!
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  • silmarilsilmaril 377 replies1 threads Member
    First off, stop setting yourself up for senioritis. It'll only hurt you more when that time comes, and you still need to apply to colleges and keep up course rigor.

    It's not necessarily overwhelming to take 6 APs, depending on your ability and time management; it's certainly doable. However, remember you still need to study and take the ACT and/or SAT and potentially SAT IIs in your junior year! Self studying can suck up a lot of time; personally I wouldn't do it unless you absolutely have to, if that class is important to your future major, or if you just have a really really passionate love for human geography (and most people don't).

    I self studied AP Economics (macro+micro), but only because there were scheduling conflicts; also I needed an econ class to fulfill graduation requirements and I didn't want to take regular econ.
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