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AP Microeconomics Help

Ahmeda14960Ahmeda14960 222 replies13 threads Junior Member
I am taking Macroeconomics right now, and I am doing very well in my class as I am very interested in economics. I noticed that the Barron's book my parents got me had both Macro and Microeconomics, and I just realized that I am one AP exam short from National AP Scholar this year. With that being said, I don't know how to go about a self-study and I have a lot of general questions for anyone who has taken the Micro AP Exam

What prep book did you use? My teacher told me Barron's is alright, is that true?

I noticed Khan Academy has microeconomics, would they be a good source?

Finally, for self-studiers, When should I start self-studying? Did any of you guys make a plan?

Please try and answer as I will make a thread with the knowledge I have gained as well, after I take the exam.
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Replies to: AP Microeconomics Help

  • VVloverVVlover 4 replies7 threads New Member
    Personally, I liked the Princeton prep book. Try to use your Macro textbook to do some of the micro readings (lots of econ textbooks are a mix of macro/micro). There are a multitude of resources that you can google that will help and use online practice FRQs to prepare. Make sure you have plan to learn the material (e.g. cover one chapter a week) and then review intensely before the exam. Also make sure you ask you macro teacher for hints/tips on the exam
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  • Ahmeda14960Ahmeda14960 222 replies13 threads Junior Member
    thank you @VVlover, I heard from a lot of people that doing the FRQ's from the college board really help out. I am taking Macroeconomics on CTY online, and so far my teacher's only suggestion has been to sign up for the spring microeconomics session( even though each session costs $1300 and I got a scholarship to attend macroeconomics)
    He also told me that five steps to a five is the best Macroeconomics book, he said that Barron's was fine, he didn't like Princeton and He HATED KAPLAN.
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  • goldenbear2020goldenbear2020 891 replies17 threads Member
    Barrons tends to go too much in detail to be useful for self-study. The Princeton Review book is far more concise and, in my experience, contains all the info needed to score a 5.
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  • Ahmeda14960Ahmeda14960 222 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I thought so @goldenbear2020 I already have Barron's though. I might get 5 steps to a 5 since my teacher said it was the best one.
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